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What are Adaptive Triggers on PS5 Controller



Adaptive Triggers on PS5

If you are a new user of PS5, then you may have questions about the Adaptive Triggers on PS5. It is a new feature on the DualSense Controller. PlayStation 5 is the most popular gaming console because it has more unique features than its predecessors. The main reason for its success is the new DualSense Controller with a high-quality built-in microphone and a redefined touchpad. The most astonishing feature of the PS5 Controller is Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers.

What are Adaptive Triggers

Adaptive Triggers are created to give the gamer the feeling of playing real-time games. It adjusts the trigger on the Controller based on the action in the game. The user can feel the difference while using a bow, shooting with a basic gun, power-packed weapons. It provides you with the different responses for each weapon to implement a special physical function. You can experience the force of webbing in the Spider-Man game.

The Adaptive Triggers feature is supported by fewer games on PlayStation 5 and the games are Deathloop, Avengers, Call of Duty, Marvel’s Spider-man, FIFA 21, Warframe. So, if adaptive triggers are not useful for you, then it is better to turn them off to play the games in the usual manner.

How to Use Adaptive Triggers on PlayStation 5

1. Power on the PlayStation 5 and go to the Home screen on your PlayStation 5.

2. Click the Settings [Gear icon], which you can find in the top right corner.

select settings from the home screen

3. Scroll down and select the Accessories from the Settings menu.

navigate to settings menu

4. Click Controllers under the accessories option.

tap controllers from accessories to turn off adaptive triggers

5. Select the Trigger Effect Intensity in the Controllers and a sub-menu will appear on the screen.

click controllers  to turn off adaptive triggers on PS5.

6. The sub-menu has four options, namely Strong(standard), Medium, Weak, and Off.

click off to turn off adaptive triggers on PS5

7. The Strong option is selected by default.

8. Select Medium or Weak to adjust the feature’s impact.

9. Click the Off option to turn off the complete effect of Adaptive Triggers on PS5.

Once you select Off in the menu, the adaptive triggers will be disabled from the currently connected DualSense pad since it is done only on a connected DualSense pad. So if you connect the new controller to the PlayStation 5 console, you need to repeat the process to turn off adaptive triggers. But these Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback could be difficult to use for beginners of PlayStation 5. These features also consume most of your Controller’s battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off Adaptive Triggers on PS5?

yes, you can turn off Adaptive Triggers on PlayStation 5 and you can go to the Controllers menu in Accessories to turn off Adaptive Triggers.

How to turn off Haptic Feedback on PS5?

You can navigate to the Accessories page and select Controllers. Then, select Vibration Intensity. From the four available options, select off to turn off haptic feedback on PlayStation 5.

What are PlayStation 5 games that support Adaptive Triggers?

Astro Playroom, Avengers, Back 4 Blood, Control, Deathloop, Death’s door, Demon’s Souls, and God of war are the major games that support adaptive triggers.

Do PS5 Adaptive Triggers work on PC?

You can connect the PS5 Controller to your PC and experience the Adaptive Triggers usage on the PC games that support this feature. Also, you can download the special software to custom the Adaptive Trigger to play any game on a PC.

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