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Amazon Prime Video on PS5 [PlayStation 5]: An Installation Guide



Amazon Prime on PS5

You can get Amazon Prime on PS5, as the app is available on the PS5 Store directly. Amazon Prime Video is a streaming app with a huge collection of movies, series, and TV shows on-demand. It also supports offline streaming of the contents. The demand for gaming consoles has been growing rapidly over the years, and the manufacturers are always struggling hard to upgrade their devices to meet the demand. One such enhancement in PlayStation is the access to streaming apps on its Store. You can utilize your console for gaming as well as stream your favorite OTT platforms.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Subscription

Amazon offers Amazon Prime membership, with which you can get Prime Video, Prime Video Channels, Music Prime, Prime Gaming, etc. With the Prime membership, one can enjoy free delivery and various deals while shopping on Amazon. All these together cost only $119 per year. However, if you wish to subscribe only to Amazon Prime Video, it costs $8.99 per month.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on PS5

[1] Turn on your PlayStation 5 and connect the PS4 to the WiFi.

[2] On the Home screen of your console, navigate to Media.

Select Media option on PS5

[3] Choose the All Apps option in the Media menu.

Choose Amazon Prime Video under All apps on PS5

[4] If you can find the Amazon Prime Video listed on your PS5 screen, select the app directly.

[5] Otherwise, click the Search icon and search for the Amazon Prime Video app.

[6] Choose the app. Select Download to install the Amazon Prime Video app on PS5.

[7] After installation, launch the app and sign in to stream Amazon Prime Video on PlayStation 5.

How to Get Amazon Prime Subscription

[1] Go to the Amazon Prime Video Website and tap Start Free Trial.

Click Strat your Free trail

[2] Enter your Personal Information to create an account, such as Email address, Password, etc.

[3] Verify your email and then provide your Payment Information next.

[4] You can start with a 30-day free trial, after which you will be charged.

[5] Alternatively, if you wish to access Prime Video from Amazon Prime Subscription, then head to the Amazon website.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

[6] Follow the on-screen instructions and provide your personal information and payment information to finish the sign-up process.

[7] You can now sign in to Amazon Prime Video using the login credentials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Does PS5 have Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can get Amazon Prime on PS5. All you need is an Amazon Prime account and a subscription to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on PS5.

[2] How much does Amazon Prime Video Subscription cost?

You can subscribe only to Prime Video for $8.99/month from the Prime Video website. The other option is to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership, with which you can get Prime Video and other Amazon services. Amazon Prime membership costs $199/year.

[3] Can I get Prime Video Channels along with Amazon Prime subscription?

No, it is a separate paid subscription. Since Amazon source the content from third-party networks for these channels, it is a paid service. The subscription cost depends on the channel you choose. For example, the Paramount+ premium subscription costs $9.99/month.

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