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How to Watch Apple TV on Nintendo Switch



Apple TV on Nintendo Switch

Are you looking forward to streaming Apple TV on Nintendo Switch? Apple TV provides the best TV shows and series for on-demand streaming. It also has Apple TV Originals in the content library. Nintendo Switch is a gaming console purely made for playing games, and it doesn’t support many streaming services except YouTube and Hulu. If you would like to stream Apple TV on your console, you can access them using a web browser.

Apple TV delivers plenty of original shows, movies, and live TV channels. Apart from this, users can also buy or rent movies on this app. You can able to download the contents in the Apple TV app for streaming offline. All these attractive features are available at $4.99 per month with a free trial for 7-days. Moreover, it is compatible with major devices, including PS4, PS5, and Xbox One consoles. The Apple TV app is not available on the Switch.

How to Stream Apple TV on Nintendo Switch

In order to stream Apple Music, you can use a web browser by changing the DNS setting to Manual on your Nintendo Switch.

[1] Power on the Nintendo Switch and open System Settings on your Nintendo Switch.

[2] Select Internet and then choose Internet Settings.

Go to Internet settings on Nintendo Switch

[3] Click the Wi-Fi connection that you are using at the moment.

[4] Go to the Settings page of the Wi-Fi network selected and click on Change Settings.

[5] Navigate to DNS Settings and then open it.

[6] Change the DNS Settings from Automatic to Manual.

Change DNS settings to manual

[7] Now, go to your Primary DNS and set it as

[8] On clicking Save, you will get a Settings have been saved notification. Tap the OK button.

[9] Select Connect to This Network. As a result, a new window appears with the notification- Registration is required to use this network appears on the screen.

[10] Click Next in the Notification screen.

[11] Finally, select the Continue to Google button. Now the Google search engine will appear on your Switch.

Stream Apple TV on Nintendo Switch browser

[12] From the Google browser on your Nintendo Switch, visit the Apple TV Official Website.

[13] Sign in to your Apple TV+ subscription.

[14] Eventually, you may start watching the content from Apple TV on your Nintendo Switch.

Though the Apple TV app is not available on the Switch, you can stream using the hidden browser on the Switch console. In fact, it can act as a solution to watch all the other popular stream services such as Netflix and much more. The activation of a hidden browser on the Switch will not affect your device, and you can also reverse it to an automatic DNS setting after usage. Therefore if you are willing to watch movies or shows on the go, the Nintendo Switch may give you a hand. You can also stream Apple TV on Xbox 360.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you watch Apple TV on Nintendo Switch?

You can stream Apple TV on the Nintendo Switch using the web browser. The Apple TV+ subscription is necessary to stream the Apple TV content.

What happens when you change DNS Settings on Switch?

Changing the DNS Settings translates the entered text into an IP address. This enables the hidden browser on your Nintendo Switch.

Is the Apple TV app worth the money?

Yes. Apple TV features on-demand video content, live TV streaming, and original shows at an affordable price of $4.99 per month.

What are the streaming services available on Switch?

As Switch is precisely focused on gaming, it supports limited official streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, and Funimation.

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