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How to Connect AirPods to PS5 [PlayStation 5]



Connect AirPods to PS5

PlayStation 5 or PS5 is an interactive video game console. It would be nice to play the games on the PS5 with headphones. Now, you can able to connect the Bluetooth Headphones to the console and enjoy your gameplay with better sound quality. AirPods is a wireless earbud that uses Bluetooth to connect to your device. AirPods has become one of the most successful and popular accessories. You can connect AirPods to the PS5 console using the Bluetooth Adapter.


How to Connect Air Pods to PS5

(1) Before connecting your Air Pods to PS5, make sure it is fully charged.

(2) PS5 does not support Bluetooth accessories. The console can detect your headphones, but during the pairing process, the connection breaks down. So, to solve this, you need Bluetooth Adapters.

(3) Plug the Bluetooth Adapters into the USB port of your PS5, or to your TV, or to the headphone jack available on your controller.

Bluetooth Adapter

(4) Check whether your Bluetooth adapter is in pairing mode. Because different adapters have different ways to enter pairing mode, read the instruction of your Bluetooth adapter. Normally, blinking light indicates that your adapter is in pairing mode.

(5) Make sure that your Airpods are in your Airpods case and that it is fully charged. Open the Case and hold the Sync button until your Bluetooth adapter indicates that the pairing is a success. (The Bluetooth adapter turns solid)

(6) Now, put your AirPods into your ears and start playing the audio or games on your PS5.

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How to Check Whether Your AirPods Paired With PS5

(1) Turn on your PS5 and select Settings on the Home screen.

Select Settings

(2) Scroll down to Sound under settings and select Audio Output.

Select Sound to connect AirPods to PS5

(3) Click Output Device and choose Bluetooth device.

Select Output Device to connect AirPods to PS5

(4) Check whether the AirPods are connected to the console. Similarly, you can also connect AirPods to the PS4 console.

Limitations of Using Air Pods on PS5

(1) One of the biggest features of playing games online is that you can chat with your friends and enjoy the game at the same time. You can communicate with each other in a group that helps you to perform complicated team plays, but because of some issues, you can’t use the Airpods microphone to chat with other players.

(2) When you use wireless headphones like AirPods, the data will move back and forth through the network when playing online games. This can cause some audible latency problems.

(3) When you connect your AirPods to the PS5 console, you will not be able to enjoy all the features of your Airpods that you used to enjoy when you connect them with your iPhone. It will turn into a regular wireless Bluetooth headphone.

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(1) Do we need a Bluetooth Adapter to connect AirPods to your PS5?

Yes, you need a Bluetooth Adapter to connect your AirPods to your PS5 because PS5 does not have built-in Bluetooth settings.

(2) Is a Bluetooth Adapter costly?

It depends on the type and brand of the Bluetooth Adapter that you need. Some of the adapters cost less than $10, and some with a price of about $50.

(3) Can you play games on your PS5 with AirPods as your microphone?

Yes, you can play games on your PS5 with AirPods, but due to some considerations, most people choose not to play games with AirPods as a microphone.

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