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How to Stream DAZN on PS3 [PlayStation 3]




If you are a PS3 user and wish to stream live sports events on your console, then you may try DAZN. It is just like any other over-the-top streaming service but dedicated only to sports. On DAZN, one can watch live sports events as well as on-demand content. Though it primarily focuses on boxing, it broadcasts other events such as Football, F1, etc. The availability of sports on DAZN varies depending upon the selection of countries. Another great advantage of DAZN is its compatibility. You can use it on Android devices, iOS devices, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc. Let’s see how to stream DAZN on PS3.


How to Watch DAZN on PS3

As we all know, PS3 is one of Sony’s older generation consoles. PS3 was designed mainly as a gaming device. The concept of introducing streaming apps for entertainment into a gaming console was not a primary focus of the developer back then. Using PS3, you can play video games, stream Blu-ray discs and DVDs, and access 22 entertainment apps. Though it has access to very few entertainment apps, all those are quite popular ones. Unfortunately, DAZN is not one of the supported apps for PS3.

Use PS3 browser to stream DAZN

Use PS3 Web Browser to Stream DAZN

[1] Make sure you have a stable Internet connection to your PS3.

[2] Turn on your PlayStation 3 and navigate to Settings.

[3] Go to Network on the XMB.

[4] Scroll down until you find the Web browser.

[5] Open the Web browser and search for DAZN on it.

[6] Select the DAZN website to open on the PlayStation 3

[7] On the DAZN website, you can Sign in using your credentials and start watching your favorite sport.

DAZN Subscription

DAZN is a paid premium service, but everyone can get a 30-day free trial to initially begin with. Subscription includes monthly and yearly plans. You can get DAZN for $19.99/month or $99.9/year.

Sign up to DAZN

How to Get DAZN Subscription

[1] Go to the DAZN official website and click the Sign Up Now yellow button.

[2] You will have to provide your Personal Details such as Name, Email.

Click Continue to Create account

[3] Set a Password as per DAZN requirement.

[4] Tap Continue and next provide your Payment details.

Provide your payment information

[5] After filling in the details, click the Start Free Trial button.

[6] Confirm your subscription so that you can begin with the free trial.

[7] You will be charged from the payment method provided during Sign Up once the free trial ends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can I get DAZN app on PS3?

No, DAZN app is not accessible on PS3. PS3 is one of the outdated gaming consoles, and it does not support all the entertainment apps. However, you can use the web browser on PS3 to stream DAZN.

[2] Is DAZN available on all Sony PlayStation models?

DAZN is supported by PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 models. However, you cannot get the DAZN app on PlayStation 3 console.

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