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How to Get Discord on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



Discord on PS5

If you are aware of the Discord app not being available on the PS5 store, you should know that you can still access the app on your PlayStation 5. You might have already heard about Discord if you are a member of any online gaming community. Discord is a communication app, just like most other instant messaging services, but it was originally developed for the sake of gamers. Eventually, it also became popular as a general web-based communication service. Out of many messaging services available today, it is always a great choice to get one that is specifically designed for the gaming community on your console. Therefore, it is worth trying the Discord app on your PS5.


Why should You Choose Discord for PS5?

[1] Discord has both online voice and text chat options. When it comes to multiplayer gaming, it is preferable to talk to your gaming partners for instant discussion. Discord gives you a real-time experience during the voice chat option.

[2] Another major advantage of Discord is that it allows users to create or join servers. Discord possesses thousands of servers where people of common interest can share and chat with each other. It is more like a community where you can get and share information.

Discord server

[3] Apart from voice and text chat, Discord allows users to communicate via emojis and GIFs. One can even share a video clip or screenshot of their gameplay.

[4] It has a user-friendly interface with much importance for user’s privacy and security. On Discord, you may set your account private and decide your followers on your own. A blocking option is also available on this platform, which makes it even safer. In fact, this app is suitable for children from the age of 13.

[5] Discord is free to use. Though there is a paid subscription available in Discord, the features are similar to that of the free version. The paid subscription has extra additions such as bigger upload size limits, HD video for streaming and screen-sharing, etc., which is the total user’s preference.

How to Get and Use Discord on PS5

We suggest you two solutions to access Discord on PS5. PS5 does not come with a built-in web browser. Therefore, you have to generate a link to access the webpage on Discord on PS5. The second option is using MixAmp to connect your PS5 and PC.

Method 1:

In this method, you can use the Discord on the PS5 without the PC. You can access the Discord through web link.

[1] Press the PS button on your controller.

[2] Select Game Base.

 Go to Game Base

[3] Open PlayStation Party.

[4] Enter and then send it to your friend. Eventually, it will turn into a link.

[5] Tap the link, and you will be taken to the official Discord webpage on your PS5.

[6] Login to your Discord account, and now you may start using the Discord chatting service on your PS5.

Discord on PS5

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Method 2:

[1] Begin with connecting your PS5 to a MixAmp using an optical cable.

Use MixAmp to get Discord on PS5

[2] On your PS5, go to Settings and then choose Sound and Screen.

[3] Select Audio output settings.

[4] Change the Primary output port to Optical or Digital out.

Change Audio output settings to digital out

[5] Plug the USB cable between your Base station and PC.

[6] Set the base station to PC mode and then open Discord on your PC.

[7] Open Voice settings on your PC from the Settings menu.

[8] Set MixAmp as your Input device.

[9] Now connect MixAmp to the audio output jack of your computer using a 3.5 mm cable.

[10] Next, change the output device to PC on the Discord app voice settings.

[11] Connect your headphones to MixAmp and check the sound using the Mic test button.

[12] Finally, you can start using Discord on PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is Discord available on PS5?

No, you cannot get Discord from the PS5 store. PlayStation 5 does not have a built-in browser to open the Discord website. Therefore one can use either use the link to open the Discord website or use a MixAmp connected with a PC to get Discord on PS5. You can also access Discord on PS4 in the same way.

[2] How much does Discord cost?

Discord is available for free. All the features of this communication service are available on the free version. However, there are subscription plans in Discord, which allow access to advanced options like animated avatars, custom sitewide emojis, larger file upload sizes, access to free games in Discord’s store, etc. This plan is called Discord Nitro, which costs $9.99/month. If the free games are unnecessary to you, then you may grab all the other bonuses for $4.99/month with the Discord Nitro Classic plan.

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