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How to Get Discord on PS3 [PlayStation 3]



Discord on PS3

Discord is a chat-friendly app that is highly recommended for gamers. It has both voice and video call options to speak with your friends or other players during the game. The Discord app also has group channels and a private chat option. Unfortunately, the Discord app is unavailable on the PS3 App Store. But, you can still get access to Discord on the PlayStation 3 and stream your Gameplay on Discord.

Discord on PS3 logo

Discord has plenty of servers to connect with gamers and the gaming community. It also offers Stickers and custom emojis to use in texting. Discord has a live streaming option to stream your games and connect with gamers via its social tool. It can also let your friends and community know what you are playing on your console right now. The app provides them with lots of more stats on achievements unlocked and rewards earned, etc.


  • PlayStation 3 console in working condition.
  • DualShock 3 controller in working condition.
  • An active internet connection on the PS3 console.

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How to Get Discord on PS3 Console

The PlayStation 3 console has a built-in web browser and you can use the browser to access the Discord website.

[1] Launch the PlayStation 3 Console and check the internet connection.

[2] On the PS3 home screen, use the analog stick (left) or the directional key to navigate to the Network menu (Globe icon).

[3] Now, scroll down in the Network and select the Internet Browser to open.

Open the web browser.

[4] Type in the Discord URL using the on-screen keyboard in the browser.

[5] Sign in to your Discord account on the Discord Website and start using it on the PS3.

Type in Discord URL

All done! Make sure to log in using your Discord account and enjoy chatting, place voice calls, video calls, DM, and use stickers to interact with other players. In case of any queries with the above guide, please specify them in the comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the PS3 camera on Discord while inside the browser?

The APIs inside the PS3 browser would let you use the camera. So yes it’s possible to do so.

Can you download Discord on PS3?

There is no official app for Discord. But, you can use the web browser to view Discord on the PS3 console. You can use the same method to use Discord on PS4 as well as PS5.

Is there any PS3 community on Discord?

If you wish to connect to other gamers on PS3, you can follow the popular PS3 communities on Discord. There are many active and popular community on Discord, which shares know-how, how-tos, and hacks related to the PS3 console.

What are the Discord alternatives for gamers?

The Discord alternatives for gamers are Slack, Telegram, Steam Chat, Teamspeak, and many more.

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