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How to Stream Funimation on Nintendo Switch



Funimation on Nintendo Switch

Funimation app is available on Nintendo Switch that lets you watch all major anime in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. It is the most popular platform that offers Anime made in South Asia and the Japanese sub-continent. These are dubbed to English, Spanish and Portuguese. Funimation has plenty of content in the library for streaming non-stop.

Funimation provides Ad-free streaming of the anime content. You can download the content in the app and watch them offline anytime. The latest shows are Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Futsal boys, or classics like Trigun. The content in the app is categorized based on the genres for easy access.

Funimation Plans & Features

Funimation PlansPremium Premium+Premium+

How to Get Funimation on Nintendo Switch

[1] Press the Power button on the top left of the Nintendo Switch console to turn it on.

[2] Connect the Nintendo Switch to WiFi and go to the home screen.

Power on Nintendo Switch console

[3] Select the Nintendo eShop icon and choose the Search / Browser area on the top left of the app screen.

Select Nintendo eShop on home screen

[4] Search for the Funimation app and choose the Funimation app in the list.

Select the Funimation app on Nintendo Switch

[5] Select Free Download to download the Funimation app on Nintendo Switch.

Select the Free Download to download Funimation app on Nintendo Switch

[6] Launch the Funimation app on the Switch eShop.

Locate the Funimation app tile n the home screen

[7] Select Sign In, and it provides an Activation Code on the screen.

[8] Go to the Funimation Activation Website [] using any web browser on the PC or Smartphone.

[9] Provide the Funimation Account details for login and enter the Activation Code.

Enter the Activation Code

[10] Click Activate to activate the Funimation app and go to the Funimation app.

[11] Choose the content to stream on the Nintendo Switch.

Select Start Watching to stream Funimation on Nintendo Switch

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Funimation on Nintendo Switch: Playback Controls

You can press the + key on the Joy-Con to toggle Seek bar and bottom guide. Press to hide the seek bar and the bottom guide.

Seek bar is displayed

Press the button on Joy-Con (right) to bring up the subtitles menu. Select the language for the Subtitles.

Choose the language in Subtitle menu during playback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Funimation for free on the Nintendo Switch console?

Funimation requires at least a free trial or any of the three subscription models enabled.

How to resolve when Funimation not working on Nintendo Switch?

When the Funimation app is not working on the Nintendo Switch, you have to check the internet connection and restart the Nintendo Switch. Make sure that you have updated the Nintendo Switch and the app. If none of the troubleshooting works, you can reset the Nintendo Switch to factory settings.

Can I log in to the exiting Funimation account on which a subscription is live?

Yes, you can skip the subscribe screen, and you will be asked to log in to the next screen.

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