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What is Haptic Feedback on PS5 Controller



Haptic Feedback on PS5

Did you come across the term haptic feedback on your PS5 and wonder what it is? Sony came up with haptic feedback technology on its new PS5 DualSense controller to give a real-time experience for gamers. This technology prevails in most smartphones already, of which some of us are unaware. But it is totally new to the world of video gaming. Haptic feedback technology is one of the most discussed features in the PS5 controller. Though haptic feedback is also a kind of vibration, it totally differs from the regular rumble. Let us dig in detail into what it is and how it works on PS5 in this article.

Haptic feedback PS5

Haptic Feedback on PS5

Haptic feedback is vibration feedback, which one can experience as a response to action and interaction while using the PS5 controller in a video game. It will give you a physical simulation of what it would feel like to touch or experience something in real-time. 

Haptic feedback PS5

Difference Between Haptic Feedback and Regular Rumble

PS5 has replaced the traditional rumble motors with dual actuators to include a haptic feedback feature in it. The normal rumble is a vibration that has no variation in its intensity. There may be slight variations in vibration, but it cannot engage players fully in the gaming world like haptic feedback. The Haptic Feedback sensor will take the gamers to the world of a video game to experience the game at its best level. Holding or attacking from your weapon, the surface on which you run, environmental conditions like rain, colliding with another car, and everything seems realistic with this feature.

How to Enable Haptic Feedback Feature on PS5 Controller

PlayStation 5 offers the Vibration Intensity option in the Controller’s settings to modify the Haptic Feedback response. The Vibration intensity has options to choose Strong, Medium, Weak, and Off to choose between.

On your PS5 console, enter Settings > select Accessibility >click Controllers >pick Vibration Intensity.

[1] To adjust the haptic feedback feature, go to Settings on the top right corner of the PlayStation 5 screen.

Go to Settings

[2] Choose the Accessibility option under Settings.

Select Accessibiltty

[3] Next, click on the Controllers option.

Change haptic feedback settings under vibration intensity on PS5

[4] Choose Vibration intensity in the Controller’s settings.

[5] In the Vibration intensity, select Strong or Medium, or Weak to turn on Haptic Feedback based on the vibration level.

[6] Click OFF in the Vibration Intensity to turn off Haptic Feedback completely.

Though the haptic feedback on PlayStation 5 is a great invention for the video gaming world, one cannot use the feature for long gameplay. Even if one wishes to use the feature, playing with strong vibration intensity for a prolonged time is difficult. If you use more than one controller, you need to follow the same procedure on each one. Similarly, you cannot test the intensity of the haptic feedback during adjustments. After changing the settings each time, you need to open the game to test the intensity level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PS5 controller features?

The two outstanding features of the PS5 wireless controller are Haptic feedback and Adaptive triggers. Other than that, it has a built-in microphone and headset jack and create button. It also retains all the features of its older models.

How to turn off haptic feedback on PS5?

Yes. The haptic feedback is adjustable and it can be done from the settings menu. Go to the Accessibility option under Settings and choose Controllers. From the Vibration intensity option, one can select the OFF option to completely turn off the feature.

Does the Xbox controller have haptic feedback?

Yes. Xbox Series X has haptic feedback technology, which is a more advanced type of rumble technology.

Can I play PS4 games with haptic feedback in PS5?

You can’t do it directly. But, there is a chance that the PS4 game comes with a free PS5 upgrade.

What are the best games for Haptic Feedback on PS5?

The best games are Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, Godfall, God of War, Marvel Avenger, Marvel Spiderman, NBA, Warframe, and more.

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