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How to Get and Watch HBO Max on Nintendo Switch



HBO Max on Nintendo Switch

HBO Max is the best streaming app available for on-demand content. This paid streaming service has access to all popular TV shows and movies. HBO Max, launched in the year 2020, acts as the replacement for the old services HBO GO and HBO Now. However, these two services are still available now, and users can access them anytime. HBO Max is mostly known for its collection of popular TV series. Some of the TV series include Friends, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc. In the below guide, we’ll look at the availability of HBO Max on Nintendo Switch.


As Warner Media is the parent company, the user can also see various Warner Media movies on HBO Max. Compared to other services like Disney Plus, Apple TV. The cost of HBO Max is quite high. HBO Max comes with two subscription plans. The cost of an ad-supported plan is $9.99/ month, it includes 4 minutes of ads per hour, and the cost of an ad-free plan is $14.99/month. We would suggest that the ad-supported plan is the best and most cost-efficient. However, this service does not offer a free trial like other streaming services. The only way to watch and experience the contents of HBO Max is by paid subscription.

Features of HBO Max

  • HBO Max streaming app features content with more than 10000 hours.
  • The users can set the streaming quality from basic standard quality to 4k resolution.
  • The apps allow up to three members to use the account at the same time, and you can add up to five profiles for a single account.
  • The users can download their favorite content and can watch them offline.
  • This app is available with parental controls, which the users can enable and can provide a safe watching experience to their children.
  • The users get access to thousands of Warner Media’s popular movies and TV shows.

HBO Max Compatible Devices

HBO Max is available on many streaming devices. The users can experience the exclusive contents of HBO Max on any device listed below.

  • Amazon – Fire TV sticks, Fire tablets, Smart TVs
  • Android devices
  • Apple – TV, iPad, iPhone
  • Chromebooks
  • Chromecast
  • Google Pixel
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • OnePlus devices
  • PlayStation 4 & 5
  • Roku
  • Smart TVs
  • Web Browsers
  • Windows PCs
  • Xbox One

Is HBO Max available on Nintendo Switch?

Currently, HBO Max is not available on the Nintendo eShop to install on the Nintendo Switch console. But HBO Max is supported on several gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 5. Unfortunately, the app is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch.

However, on the bright side, we can access other popular services like Hulu, Pokemon TV, Funimation, and YouTube on Nintendo Switch. These services have popular video content like HBO Max. As the parent company, Warner Media has not made an announcement about HBO Max on Nintendo Switch. All we can do is wait for an official announcement. As PS5 was recently declared as a supported device for HBO Max, we can expect the same for Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch?

No, the app is unavailable on Nintendo Switch. HBO Max can be added to Nintendo Switch in the future.

2. What are the streaming services available on Nintendo Switch?

The popular streaming services that can be watched on Nintendo Switch are Hulu, YouTube, Pokemon TV, and Funimation.

3. Can I watch HBO Max anywhere?

HBO Max service is geo-restricted and available in only selected regions. Using a proper VPN can help us to stream this service anywhere.

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