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How to Charge Xbox 360 Controller



How to Charge Xbox 360 Controller

This article will guide you through the steps to charge your Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox 360 controllers are available both in wired and wireless versions. And the Xbox 360 controller not only works with Xbox 360 console but also with Windows PC. The wireless Xbox 360 controllers work on AA batteries. Otherwise, it can run on a rechargeable battery pack. Whereas to charge the wired Xbox 360 controller, you need to simply plug it into the USB port on your controller. Let us check the steps involved in charging an Xbox 360 controller in detail below.

How to charge Xbox 360 controller

Methods to charge an Xbox 360 controller

How to Charge Wired Xbox 360 Controller

To charge a wired Xbox 360 controller, you need to plug in the USB cable on your controller to one of the USB ports on your console.

How to charge Xbox 360 controller

To learn, how to connect Xbox 360 controller to the console, visit Xbox support.

How to Charge Wireless Xbox 360 Controller

The wireless Xbox 360 controller operates on the Rechargeable battery pack, which is an alternative to the traditional disposable AA batteries. This rechargeable battery pack can be charged either using Play and Charge Kit or using a Quick charge kit.

Using a Play and Charge Kit

Note: While using the Play and Charge kit to charge your Xbox 360 controller, make sure to fix the rechargeable battery pack within the controller.

[1] The Play and Charge cable have two different ends. One is specifically designed for the port on your controller and the other end for the USB port on your Xbox 360 console.

[2] Plugin both the ends respectively into the ports of your controller and console.

Play and charge kit for Xbox 360 controller

[3] Make sure you have the rechargeable battery pack inserted in your wireless Xbox 360 controller.

[4] After connecting the wireless controller via Play and Charge Cable to your Xbox console, turn on your console.

[5] As a result, your controller will charge. When the light on your controller turns red to green, it indicates that the charge is full.

Using Quick Charge Kit

Quick charge kit

[1] Remove the rechargeable battery pack from your Xbox 360 wireless controller.

[2] Then insert the rechargeable battery pack into the charging slot of your Quick charge kit.

[3] Plugin the power cable of the Quick charge kit into the wall socket and turn it on.

[4] Again here, when the light on your controller turns from red to green, your controller is fully charged.

You can even charge the controller by connecting it to your PC using the USB cable. Another solution to charge is buying a charging station. However, using rechargeable battery packs can be an economical choice. And the average life of these rechargeable battery packs is four years. It will be a worthy choice and convenient enough for usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect Xbox 360 wireless controller to the PC?

Apart from Xbox 360 console, the Xbox 360 controller is compatible with Windows PC. However, to connect Xbox 360 wireless controller with a PC, you will need a wireless gaming receiver.

How to charge Xbox 360 controller without a battery pack?

You can convert a wireless Xbox 360 controller into a wired one by simply connecting it to your console with any Micro USB cable. When the controller is wired you will not need batteries to operate it. And the controller will also charge directly from the console. Basically, your controller will not drain charge when it is connected to the console via a USB cable.

How long does it take to charge Xbox 360 controller?

While using the Play and Charge kit, it takes six hours to fully charge the controller. Whereas if you are using the Quick charge kit, you can charge your controller fully in two hours of time.

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