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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3 [PlayStation 3]



How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

PlayStation 3 has the inbuilt Bluetooth support to connect to the input and output devices. You can connect the Bluetooth Headphones to the PS3 console. The Bluetooth Headphones provide the comfort of wireless listening to the gaming sounds without troubling others around you. You can also stream the songs from Spotify and Apple Music on PS3 while gaming. The need for an external Bluetooth dongle is unnecessary for connecting Bluetooth Headphones to the PlayStation 3.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS3

Make sure your Bluetooth headphones have adequate charge.

Turn on bluetooth headphones

[1] Turn on your PlayStation 3 console and move to the PS3 home screen.

Power on the PS3 console

[2] Scroll to the Settings icon on the horizontal menu and select Settings.

Setting Menu on PS3

[3] Choose the Accessories Settings in the Settings.

Accessory Settings menu on PS3

[4] Select the Manage Bluetooth Devices option.

Manage bluetooth devices

[5] If you do not have a Bluetooth device paired with your console, a prompt with the label “The Bluetooth device has not been registered. Do you want to register it?” will be shown.

[6] Select Yes to register and start pairing the device.

Register a bluetooth device

[7] Now, power on your Bluetooth Headphones and long-press the Pairing button until you see an LED indicator flashing on the headphone.

Power on Bluetooth headphone

Note: This step would differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Refer to the Bluetooth Headphone user guide to read more details on how to put them into pairing mode.

Enter the pairing mode on the bluetooth headphone

[8] Once the Bluetooth Headphones have entered the pairing mode, go back to the PlayStation 3 console.

[9] select the Start Scanning to initiate the scanning for devices that are available for pairing.

Start Scanning screen on PS3

[10] Your Bluetooth Headphones would now be shown in a list of devices ready to pair.

Note: If there are no devices available for pairing, then the Bluetooth Headphones existed in the paring mode as there is a default timeout set in pairing mode. Repeat the step until you see the Bluetooth Headphones in your devices list.

Select your Bluetooth Headphones from the list

[11] Select your Bluetooth Headphones to pair.

[12] Enter the Passkey and click Enter using the Controller. The default passkey is 0000 or 1234.

Enter the Bluetooth Headphones pairing key, to connect bluetooth headphones to ps3 console

[13] When the pairing is successful, the LED blinking will glow continuously be ON. “Register completed” message will appear on the screen.

Bluetooth Headphones connected prompt

Now, you can listen to game audio or songs on PS3 with your Headphones. Similarly, you can also connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5 and play games with the best audio quality.

How to Set up Input/Output Device

After pairing to the Headphones, you need to set up the Input / Output device still to use and configure the headphones and microphones correctly.

1 – Go back to the home screen and click the Settings in the menu.

2 – Toggle to the sub-menu on the right side and select the Audio Devices Settings.

Audio Device Settings menu on PS3, connect bluetooth headphones to ps3

3 – Choose the Input Device option, and you will see a drop-down with all available microphones detected by the PS3 console.

4 – Choose your Bluetooth Headphones Mic in the list to relay voice chats. Press the X button on the Controller to confirm the choice and save.

5 – Similarly, select the Output Device option to open the list of Output Devices.

6 – Browse through the list of Headphones and select your Bluetooth Headphones.

7 – Highlight the Headphone volume and adjust the volume using the directional keys.

8 – Select the OK button to confirm and save all the changes made. You are now ready to use your Bluetooth Headphones to listen to in-game sounds and voice chat with friends.

Audio device settings, connect bluetooth headphones to ps3

You can visit the PlayStation support to report the issues with the Bluetooth or other technical glitches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect Bluetooth headphones to PS3?

You can pair the Bluetooth headphones to the PS3 by enabling the Manage Bluetooth Devices and pairing to the headphones.

Do I need a Bluetooth dongle in PS3 to connect a Bluetooth Headphone?

The PS3 console is Bluetooth-ready. So you won’t require any additional hardware to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your PS3 console.

Will the mic work too on PS3?

Yes. The mic can be used to voice chat as well with other players in multiplayer games.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to PS3 without Passkey?

You must provide the Passkey on the PS3 console to connect the Bluetooth Headphones.

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