One can connect an external keyboard and mouse to Nintendo Switch without much effort. We all know the comfort of playing games on a PC. This comfortability comes from the usage of a keyboard or mouse. In contrast, the controllers have very few input options and may lack speed when compared to the keyboard and mouse. Nintendo Switch is known for its versatility. It is popular for its compact design and portability. Another great advantage of the Nintendo Switch is its plug inability with other devices. Let us check the methods to connect the keyboard and mouse to Nintendo Switch in this article.

How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

How to Connect Wired Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has options to directly connect to a keyboard or mouse to it. However, the functionality is limited. On connecting a standard keyboard or mouse to the Switch, you will be able to use it for basic text input, such as entering passwords or comments on screenshots, playing Fortnite, etc. Still, there are some possibilities to expand its functionality using certain tools.

Tools required

[1] Nintendo Switch Dock set

Nintendo Switch dock set

[2] PXN K5 USB Adapter

PXN K5 USB Adapter

[3] Keyboard and Mouse

To connect a wired keyboard or mouse to Nintendo Switch for gaming purposes, you will need an additional tool. The Nintendo Switch Dock set is one of the best tools. It is available online at affordable prices and it is also easy to set up. By connecting the docks to your Switch, you can get more USB ports, which will increase the number of connections on your Switch. This will allow you to connect any external devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, TV, etc., to your Nintendo Switch.

There are also adapters like the PXN K5 USB adapter, which is compatible with other multiple consoles such as PS3, PS4, and Xbox. Obviously, you will need a standard keyboard and mouse with a USB connectivity option apart from the adapters.

Steps to connect a USB keyboard or mouse to Switch

To connect the keyboard and mouse to the Nintendo Switch, you need to

[1] Go to Settings and then navigate to Controllers And Sensors Setting.

choose Controllers And Sensors Setting under Settings menu

[2] Turn on the Pro Controller Wired Communication.

[3] From the Nintendo Switch main menu, open the Controllers tab.

[4] Select Change Grip/Order.

select Change grip/order to connect keyboard and mouse to Nintendo Switch

[5] Here, Turn off the controller you are using now.

[6] Install the Dock with the Nintendo Switch.

[7] Next, plug in the USB Type C into the USB port of the Nintendo Switch dock.

[8] Then, plug in the USB Type C with PXN K5 USB Adapter.

[9] Connect the USB keyboard and mouse to the USB adapter port on Nintendo Switch.

[10] Press Ctrl + 2 on the keyboard until the LED on the adapter turns red.

[11] Your keyboard and mouse will appear in the Change Grip/Order menu after a few seconds. This will indicate the successful connection

[12] Finally, press the Esc key to return to the main menu. Use Space Bar or Enter key on the keyboard to choose the menu further.

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How to connect Wireless Keyboard and Mouse to Nintendo Switch

[1] Connect the USB adapter port to your Nintendo Switch dock.

[2] Now plug the dongle of your wireless keyboard and mouse into the USB adapter port on the Nintendo Switch dock.

[3] Finally, turn on the wireless keyboard and Bluetooth so that Nintendo Switch will connect to it automatically.

Nintendo Switch does not accept wireless keyboard and mouse which connects through Bluetooth. Other than that, it accepts both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse. By setting up the adapter with Nintendo Switch Dock, you can utilize the keyboard and mouse, just like how you use a controller.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Fortnite on Switch with keyboard and mouse?

The Switch supports connecting keyboard and mouse through the USB port. By connecting the keyboard and mouse to the USB port on the Switch console, you can play Fortnite and input text such as passwords and comments. Those are the only limited functionality of connecting the keyboard and mouse to Switch directly.

How to connect a wireless Bluetooth keyboard to a Switch?

You can use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Nintendo Switch by using a Bluetooth adapter. Plugin the small USB device into your Nintendo Switch, and you will be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard. 

Why doesn’t Nintendo Switch Support Bluetooth Keyboards?

The console doesn’t have a built-in Bluetooth adapter. So the Nintendo Switch does not support Bluetooth keyboards.