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How to Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox One



connect keyboard and mouse to Xbox One

Most Xbox One games are designed to play with the Xbox One controller. But some games on the Xbox One can be played with the keyboard and mouse with the support provided by the developers. While most games are allowed to play only with the controller, if you play games with the keyboard and mouse during the multiplayer mode, once you are caught, they will issue a permanent ban from the game. Connecting the keyboard and mouse to Xbox One is a straightforward process. You can easily connect the keyboard and mouse to Xbox One.

Keyboard and Mouse Supported games on Xbox One

Xbox One games that support gameplay with a keyboard and mouse are Fortnite, Bomber crew, Minecraft, Gears of War 5, Roblox, The sims 4, Surviving Mars, Ark: Survival Evolved, Day-z, War thunder, Warframe, strange brigade, Warzone, GTA 5, Subnautica, etc…

How to Connect and Use Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox One

As you know, connecting the keyboard and mouse is uncomplicated work. Wireless and weird keyboards are compatible with the Xbox One.

1. If you own an Xbox One, then you can connect the USB cable to the USB port available on your console.

2. After connecting the keyboard, the Xbox One will automatically recognize the keyboard then you can start playing with the keyboard and mouse.

3. Use the USB keyboard to navigate to different menus and to make different functions.

4. To change the mouse settings, navigate to the Settings menu.

To change the mouse settings navigate to the Settings menu.

5. Then select the Device&Connections option.

select the Device & Connections option

6. Next, click the mouse if you couldn’t find the option, you need to reboot your console.

click the mouse if couldn't find the option, reboot your console

7. If your console doesn’t recognize your keyboard and mouse, try rebooting your console. If it doesn’t work even after rebooting your console, then your mouse and keyboard are not compatible with your console.

8. When your mouse is not working properly, even if it has support, go to Accessibility settings and select Lock Input Method as Mouse, and turn it on.

Whenever the Xbox One Controller won’t Turn On or not working properly, you can connect the keyboard and mouse to play the games on the console.

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How to Play all Xbox One Games with a Keyboard and Mouse

You can use a third-party product like XIM Apex to play any game on Xbox One with a keyboard and mouse.

XIM Apex to connect keyboard and mouse to Xbox One

1. Download the XIM Apex firmware tool on your PC.

2. Hold the XIM device to turn on and insert it into a USB port on your computer.

3. Release the button, when the blue light flashes.

4. Click on the Update Firmware option.

5. Wait till the firmware gets updated, and connect the XIM device to the USB port on the Xbox console.

6. Now, connect the Apex Hub to the device.

7. Finally, connect the keyboard and mouse to the Apex Hub.

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Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse?

The Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are not compatible with the Xbox One console.

Does Overwatch support a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One?

No, Overwatch doesn’t support the keyboard and mouse on Xbox One.

Can I get banned from playing by using a keyboard and mouse?

Yes. Some games like Pubg, Rainbow Six Seige, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2 restrict gameplay using a keyboard and mouse.

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