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How to Connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi



How to Connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi

Nintendo Switch is one of the best gaming consoles with a unique design and it is highly compact. Many gamers prefer to play Switch games as it gives a different gaming experience. As everybody knows, you need a stable internet connection to download new games and live stream on Nintendo Switch. Connecting the WiFi to the Nintendo Switch is a simple process. You can able to stream the online content and use the browser on Nintendo Switch. If you are a new gamer of Nintendo, you could learn how to connect the Nintendo Switch to WiFi Connection instantly.

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi

1. First, Turn on your console by pressing the Power button on the Switch console.

2. Place your Nintendo Switch near the WiFi router.

3. Navigate to the Dashboard on Nintendo Switch.

4. Click the System Settings icon.

Select System Settings

5. Select Internet from the system settings menu.

6. Then, tap the Internet Settings option.

Select Internet Settings to connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi

7. Choose the WiFi network name you want to connect to Switch from the available list.

8. If you couldn’t find the WiFi network name, go closer to the router and press the Y button on the controller to search again.

9. If you have set the password to the WiFi network, Enter the password using the onscreen keyboard and click the Ok button.

Enter the WiFi Password to connect Nintendo Switch to WiFi

10. After the Nintendo Switch tested the WiFi connection, click the OK button again to complete the process.

How to Connect Internet Through the Ethernet Cable

If you cannot connect your WiFi network to the Nintendo Switch console, you can try connecting to the internet through the ethernet cable.

1. Make sure you have a LAN to USB adapter that is compatible with your Internet connection and Nintendo Switch.

2. Connect the Ethernet cable from your network router to the USB adapter.

 connect the adapter to connect Nintendo Switch to wifi

3. Then connect the USB end to the USB port on your Nintendo Switch console.

4. The Switch will automatically recognize the wired connection in a few minutes and display the Wired internet symbol on the home screen.

connect Nintendo Switch to wifi

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How to Fix Nintendo Switch not Connecting to WiFi

1. If your Nintendo Switch is not connecting to your WiFi network, you can check whether the Switch online is down to make sure the problem is not with your Nintendo Switch.

2. Check whether the Router of your WiFi internet connection is plugged in properly.

3. Make sure the WiFi network is connecting with the other devices like your phone. If it is connected, then the problem is with your Switch console.

4. Restart your Nintendo Switch console. To restart the Switch, press and hold the Power button on your console to open the menu. Click Turn Off to shut down your console. Restart again to check whether the problem is fixed.

press the power button to turn on the Switch console

5. Restart your Router or modem. Unplug the router or modem cables and plug it again after 30 seconds to check the problem is solved. If none of the fixes work, then you can get help from the Nintendo service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Switch keep disconnecting from WiFi?

If the Switch keeps disconnecting from WiFi, maybe the router cables become old or damaged. So make sure you are connected to WiFi with the new router cables.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to hotel WiFi?

Connecting the Switch is like how you connect the home network. Select System settings and click Internet. Next, tap Internet settings and select the Hotel WiFi network. After selecting the network, click the Next button to submit your details so that you can access the internet connection.

How to turn off the internet on Switch?

Go to the System settings and select Airplane mode. Now turn on the airplane to turn off the WiFi or internet connection.

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