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How to Connect PS5 [PlayStation 5] Controller to Phone



How to Connect PS5 Controller to Phone

This is a complete guide to help you connect a PS5 controller to your phone. PS5 comes with a DualSense controller in default, which has a massive upgradation from its previous generation controllers. DualSense has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback to deliver the most-involved gaming experience to the users. With these features, one can feel sensations similar to that of a real-time experience. Using the DualSense controller on the phone will also enhance its gaming experience. You can connect the PS5 controller with both Android and iOS phones. Apart from the phone, you can also connect the PS5 controller to Windows/macOS PC, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.

How to connect PS5 controller to phone

How to Connect PS5 DualSense Controller to Android Phone

Using the Bluetooth option, one can easily pair the PS5 controller with an Android phone.

[1] Power on your smartphone and swipe down to get the Notification tab.

[2] Go to the Settings on your Android phone.

Click Settings

[3] Select Connected Devices to look for the Bluetooth option and turn on the Bluetooth.

Click Connected Device

[4] Click on the Pair new device option. In certain Android phone models, you can find connected/paired device options instead of Pair new device options.

Select Pair New device

[5] On your PS5 controller, press and hold the Create and PS button together for 5 seconds or until the blue light flashes on your controller.

Press and hold Create and PS button

Note: If your PS5 controller is in pairing mode, you will find the lights around the touchpad blinking in Blue.

[6] Now, your PS5 controller will be added to the list of available devices on your Android phone.

[7] Tap the name of your PS5 controller to connect it with the Android phone.

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How to Connect PS5 Controller with iPhone

Again Bluetooth is the choice to connect the PS5 DualSense controller with iPhone. Any iPhone running on iOS 14.5 or other higher version will be able to detect the PS5 controller. If your Apple phone is running on iOS 14.4 or any old version, then it will not be able to find and connect with the PS5 controller.

[1] Open Settings on your iPhone.

[2] Enable the Bluetooth option.

[3] On the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone, you have My device and Other devices options. My devices show the list of paired devices and the other devices section consists of devices ready to pair.

Connect PS5 controller to iPhone

[4] Press and hold the Create and PS button on your PS5 controller for a few seconds to enable the pairing mode.

Press Create and PS button

[5] When the Pairing mode is on in your controller, it will be available in the other devices list on your iPhone.

[6] Tap the PS5 Controller from the other devices section on your phone to connect them.

Only certain games on the phone allow the usage of the PS5 controller. After the usage of the controller on your phone, you need to disconnect it. Because when the pairing is left undisturbed, it will drain the battery of your PS5 controller. The procedure to unpair the PS5 controller from the phone is the same as that of the steps to connect it. You need to use the same menu to choose the controller and unpair it. Similarly, all the other devices like PC and TV that supports PS5 controller functions through the Bluetooth option. For additional help, contact PlayStation support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect the PS5 controller to the iPad?

The steps to connect a PS5 controller with an iPad are very similar to that of connecting it to an iPhone. DualSense 5 controllers can be connected to the iPad using the Bluetooth option. Press and hold the Create and PS button on your controller simultaneously until the blue light flashes. On your iPad, turn on the Bluetooth option and choose the PS5 controller from the list under the other devices section, to pair with.

How to use the PS5 controller on Steam?

PS5 controller can be used on Steam, and to use this, you need to connect the PS5 controller to the PC initially. Using Bluetooth, you will be able to connect the DualSense controller with the PC. Open Steam in big picture mode on your PC and then choose Settings. Select Controller settings. Under Detected controllers, you will find your PS5 controller if it is in the pairing mode.

How to connect the PS5 controller to PS4?

No, the PS5 controller is not compatible with the PS4 console. However, using the PlayStation Remote Play app, you can manage to use the PS5 controller with PS4. For this, you need a PC, which will act as a middleman between PS4 and the PS5 controller.

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