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How to Connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone



How to Connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone

Ever since the launch of iOS 13, it is quite possible to connect the Xbox One controller to iPhone and other iOS devices. And this feature not only extends to Xbox One controller but includes all the other Xbox wireless controllers. To check, which wireless controllers are compatible with iPhone and other iOS devices, check from Apple support. It is all in the past, that you will need a gaming console to play video games. But now, even with iPhone, anyone can play highly popular games. To make this more comfortable came the idea to connect Xbox One controller or other gaming pads with iPhone. Let us only focus on how to connect Xbox One controller to the iPhone in this article.

How to connect Xbox One controller to iPhone

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to iPhone

[1] On your iPhone, open Settings.

[2] Enable the Bluetooth option. If it is already on then ignore this step.

Enable Bluetooth to connect  Xbox One controller to iPhone

[3] Now turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox logo button in the middle of your controller.

Press and hold the Xbox logo button

[4] After turning on the Xbox One controller, press and hold the Sync button on your Controller till the Xbox logo button flashes. You can find the sync button on the back of your Xbox One controller.

[5] It is time to check for the Xbox One controller on your iPhone. On the Bluetooth menu, you will be able to find your Xbox One controller under the Other Devices section.

[6] Click on the name of your Xbox One controller and it will connect the controller with your iPhone.

Connect Xbox One controller to iPhone

[7] As a result, the flashing Xbox logo button on your controller will stay lit.

[8] Finally, open the video game on your iPhone and choose the controller option from the game settings to play with the controller on your iPhone.

iPhone can connect to a gaming controller only using the Bluetooth option. Therefore, it is essential to have a controller with a Bluetooth feature to use with iPhone. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, Apple devices with iOS 13 or more can only have the ability to connect with Xbox One or any other gaming controllers. You can also check for iOS updates from Apple support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Xbox One controller not connect to iPhone?

If your controller is not connecting to iPhone, try to turn off Bluetooth and then on again until the device is found. You can unpair and pair it if you already found the device name but couldn’t connect with it. Make sure your devices are close to each other and then check the charge on your controller. If the battery is low, it cannot pair. Similarly, you must not connect to, too many Bluetooth accessories at once. For unresolved issues, seek Apple’s support.

How to disconnect Xbox One controller from iPhone?

On your iPhone, open the Settings and select the Bluetooth option. Under My Devices, you will see your Xbox Wireless Controller. Next to the name of your controller, you will see the letter i, within a blue circle. On pressing it, you will get options from which you need to choose Disconnect.

How to connect the Xbox One S controller to the iPhone?

The procedure to connect the Xbox One S controller to iPhone is the same as that of the Xbox One controller. Any Xbox controller with a Bluetooth feature can connect to iOS devices. This includes the controllers that come with the Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Xbox Series X/S.

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