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How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC



How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC

The Xbox One wireless controller connects with the PC easily, unlike other controllers. Though the mouse and keyboard in PC gaming is a powerful option, there are times when a player prefers a controller to simplify the movement control in the games. Players need to use too many shortcut keys while playing with the keyboard. At the same time, the command on a controller button is quite easy and convenient. There are several PC games that allow the use of a controller. One can connect the Xbox One wireless controller to Windows PC using a USB cable, Bluetooth, or Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows.

How to connect Xbox One Controller to PC

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC through Wired Connection

Connecting an Xbox One controller to a PC using a USB cable is the simplest method of all. You have to plug in one end of the USB cable to the Controller and the other end to the Windows PC. Your Windows PC will automatically configure the Xbox One controller. Before proceeding, you have to ensure that the Xbox One Controller is fully charged.

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC through Wireless Connection

You can also connect the Controller to the PC wirelessly using Bluetooth. There are two ways to connect the Controller. They are using Bluetooth and Wireless Adaptor.

Connect Xbox One Controller to PC using Bluetooth

[1] Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller to turn it on.

[2] Simultaneously, press and hold the Pair button along with the Xbox button for three seconds.

Press and hold the Pair Button

[3] Release the buttons after the Xbox button flashes the LED.

[4] Start your PC and click the Windows menu.

[5] On your PC, select Settings to open.

[6] Choose Devices and then select Bluetooth & other devices.

Open settings on PC and choose Devices

[7] Turn on Bluetooth and select Add Bluetooth or other devices.

Turn on Bluetooth to connect Xbox One Controller to PC

[8] Now, select Bluetooth under Add a device option.

[9] Your Windows PC will now search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

[10] Select the Xbox One wireless controller from the list of available devices.

Your PC will pair the controller and it will be ready to play the games on your PC with the controller. In the same way, you can pair the PS4 Controller to the PC for playing the games.

Note: The controller vibrations do not work when it is connected to the PC via Bluetooth

How to Connect Xbox One Controller to PC with Adapter

If you wish to connect your Xbox One controller to a PC without using the Bluetooth option, then you will need Xbox wireless adapter.

[1] Plugin the Xbox Wireless Adapter into the USB port of the PC.

Xbox One wireless adapter

[2] The adapter will automatically install itself on your PC in a short while.

[3] On your PC, go to Settings and then choose Devices.

[4] Under Bluetooth & other devices menu, you can find your Xbox wireless adapter for Windows. It will be available under the other devices section.

[5] Press and hold the Xbox button to turn on your controller

[6] Next, press and hold the bind button until the Xbox button flashes. The Xbox wireless adapter will also flash in a few seconds.

[7] The controller and the adapter will find and pair with each other. The flickering flash will disappear to indicate the pairing. Now you can use your Xbox One controller to control on PC.

Seek Microsoft Xbox support for queries in the Controller. Apart from the methods mentioned in this article to pair a wireless controller with a PC, you can also connect them in an alternative way. There are certain Windows devices that come with built-in Xbox wireless functionality. In these cases, one can connect the Xbox One wireless controller directly to the PC.

After using the Xbox controller with the PC, you can easily sync the controller with the Xbox console again. It has a quick switching option to disconnect from one device and connect to the other device. The Xbox One controller can be used with both Xbox consoles and Windows devices without any limitation. In case of any queries with the above procedure, then please mention them in the comments section below. You can Xbox One Console on TV and enjoy playing the games on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t connect Xbox One controller to the PC?

Make sure your PC is running on the latest Windows update. You also need to check if your controller is updated. The Xbox One controller can pair with only one device via Bluetooth. Therefore check if there is another device already paired with your controller. These are some basic suggestions to check when you are troubleshooting your controller’s connection with your PC.

How to connect Xbox One Controller to PC Fortnite?

Fortnite PC games do support controllers and the process of connecting it with a PC is quite normal. One can pair the controller with a USB cable or wireless, using an adapter or Bluetooth, to play Fortnite on a PC.

How to connect multiple Xbox One controllers to a PC?

One can connect up to eight Xbox Wireless Controllers using USB cables. However, if you are using an Xbox Chat Headset along with the controller, then you will be able to connect four controllers. With Stereo Headsets, you can connect only two controllers.

How to connect Xbox One Controller to PC with USB?

You can connect the controller with a micro USB end and connect the PC with the nominal USB end to pair the controller. After this, you can play your favorite games on the PC.

How to connect Old Xbox One Controller to the PC?

You can connect the older version of the Xbox One controller to the PC either using the USB cable or pairing with the Pair button on the controller.

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