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How to Delete Games on PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to Delete Games on PS4

PS4 has options to delete games from its library. This can help at times when you face storage issues on your PlayStation. Sometimes, you may have games on your PS4 system storage, which is very older and you do not play. These games have no purpose except that of consuming your memory space. PS4 holds up to 8 GB RAM and users can upgrade the memory with a hard drive of up to 2 TB.

How to delete games on PS4

However, there are choices available to further expand the memory on your PS4. The storage issue is not a fault in PS4. In fact, Sony has expanded its storage in PS4 when compared to PS3. As the game files are growing huge in size with the days, the memory issue seems to be never-ending. Therefore, it is always a great choice to choose the games, not in use on your PS4 and delete them often.

How to Delete the Downloaded Games from your PS4 Library

[1] Open your game library and then choose the game which you wish to delete from your PS4.

[2] After selecting the game, press the Options button on your PS4 controller.

[3] Under the Options menu, select Delete.

Delete game from your PS4 library

[4] Click OK to confirm your choice.

[5] Now the game will be deleted from your PS4 library.

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How to Delete Games from your PS4 System Storage

Note: To check the storage space of each game, you need to check it from the System storage menu on your PS4 settings.

Delete PS4 games from the system storage to free up a lot of memory space. This is also an option to delete games off the PS4 hard drive.

[1] Turn on your PS4 and head to Settings.

[2] Select Storage.

Choose between system storage and extended storage

[3] Next, you need to choose System Storage to remove games from the internal hard drive. Whereas, to delete the game from the PS4 external hard drive, you need to choose Extended Storage.

[4] After selecting the storage of your choice, click on the Applications option.

[5] It will list the games on your system storage, with the storage space of each game. Select the game you wish to delete from your PS4.

[6] Now, press the Options button on your controller and then choose the Delete option.

[7] Click OK to confirm the deletion.

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How to Delete Game Data on PS4

PS4 does hold the game files, even after deleting the game from your library. Leaving this shall help you when you later wish to reinstall the game again. Otherwise, one can remove it easily.

[1] On your PS4, open Settings.

[2] Select Application Saved Data Management from the settings menu.

Select the saved data from application saved data management

[3] Next, select Saved Data and then choose Delete.

[4] Select the game for which you need to delete the game data from your PS4.

[5] Choose the files you want to remove, or else click on Select all.

[6] Finally, select Delete and then click OK to confirm.

How to Delete Disc Games on PS4

Note: Remove the disc from your PS4 before you attempt to delete disc games on PS4.

[1] Go to your game library and then choose the disc game, which you need to delete from your PS4.

[2] Press the Options button on your controller and then select the Delete option.

Choose options button on PS4 controller to delete games

[3] Confirm your deletion command and the disc game will be deleted from your PS4.

When you delete games from your PS4 library or System Storage, only the game is erased from your console’s memory. The game files of the deleted games remain on your console. To get the purchased game again on your PS4, you need to re-download it from PSN. If the game is from a disc, install the game again from your game disc. You can also Connect Keyboard and Mouse to PS4 and play games effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to restore deleted PS4 games?

Go to your game library and then search for the game by typing it on the search field. It will not be available on the list. If you cannot find the game from the search results, then you can visit the official PlayStation website and log in to your account. Under the purchased game section from the game library, you can find the deleted game. Install the game and get it back on your PS4.

How to delete updates on PS4 digital games?

The PS4 game updates can be deleted by deleting the game. When you delete a game, both the game and its updates are removed from the storage, except the game data. After deleting the game, when you re-install the game, it will be in its latest version. To avoid this, go to Settings on PS4, select System, and then disable Automatic downloads. Now when you re-install the game, you can get the older version. Thus, you can delete the patches on PS4 digital games.

How to delete an Epic game account on PS4?

Open the Epic game and go to the Account menu. Select General settings and choose Delete account. Based on this request, you will get an email code. Verify the code and confirm your Epic account deletion on PS4.

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