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How to Delete User on PS3 [PlayStation 3]



How to Delete Users on PS3

Do you have too many accounts on your PS3 and want to delete them? You are in the right place. You need to delete the user on your PS3 that is no longer needed. Deleting the unwanted users on your PS3 will also help you to clean up the storage. Because when you delete a user from PlayStation 3, it will also remove the downloaded games, messages the user sent and received, saved data for PlayStation 3, and more. So, read this article completely to know how to delete a PS3 user.

How to Delete the PS3 User

Since you can delete only the current user make sure you log in with the user account you want to delete.

1. Initially, turn on your PS3 by pressing the power button on your console.

turn on your PS3 to Delete PS3 User

2. Next, press and hold the Left button on your Dualshock PS3 controller to launch the user menu on your console.

3. Under the user menu you can see the list of accounts linked with your console.

4. Select the user you want to delete using your PS3 controller.

5. Next, log in with the user account you want to delete and press the X button on your PS3 controller to sign in.

6. Launch the user’s menu again on your console and select the account you logged in with using the controller.

select the user to  Delete PS3 User

7. Next, press the triangle button on your controller to open the Options menu.

8. Select the Delete button which is the third option on the options menu by pressing the down button twice on your PS3 controller.

9. Click the Yes button to confirm that deleting the user will remove the saved data, messages, and trophies related to the user.

10. Again, you need to click the Yes button to confirm that you want to delete the user on your PlayStation 3 console.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete PS3 trophies?

Navigate to the debug settings menu on your PS3, select the trophy from the trophy menu and press the triangle button on your controller to delete PS3 trophies.

How to delete PS3 search history?

Open the web browser on your PlayStation 3 and, click the triangle button and select the tools option. Navigate to history select the search you want to delete and click the delete option.

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