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How to Get and Watch HBO Max on Xbox 360



HBO Max on Xbox 360

HBO Max is a subscription-based streaming service. It provides the content in multiple languages like English, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and other languages. The app is available in the United States, Caribbean countries, Latin America, and some parts of Europe. The HBO Max app is free for installation on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Therefore, You can install and watch HBO Max on Xbox 360.


HBO Max has content available from HBO and other films and television rights belonging to WarnerMedia, Universal Pictures, 20th Century, Summit Entertainment, and sourced from third-party studios. Some popular shows on HBO Max are The Matrix Resurrections, Titans, Silicon Valley, Clash of Titans, Fool’s Gold, The Day After Tomorrow, and more.

HBO Max Subscription

HBO Max has two subscriptions to stream the content with or without ads.

HBO Max with Ads$9.99$99.99
HBO Max Ad-free$14.99$149.99

Features of HBO Max

  • Download TV shows, movies, and series to watch them offline.
  • For each subscription, you can have up to 5 viewer profiles.
  • HBO Max library includes some famous brands like Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, Crunchyroll, and more.
  • You can watch some of the most critically acclaimed movies, binge-worthy TV shows, and HBO Max Originals.
  • It also has simple and flexible Parental controls.

How to Download and Watch HBO Max on Xbox 360

(1) Launch your Xbox 360 and go to the Apps section.

(2) Select Search Apps and enter HBO Max in the search bar.

Select Search Apps

(3) Choose the HBO Max from the results and click Install to install HBO Max on your Xbox 360.

(4) Once the HBO Max app is installed, open HBO Max.

(5) Select Sign In and it provides the Activation Code on the screen.

(6) Visit the HBO Max Activation Website on the PC or the smartphone.

(7) Type the Activation Code and click Next.

Enter the Activation Code

(8) Enter your HBO Max credentials to successfully sign in to the HBO Max app.

(9) Select the videos you want and enjoy watching them on Xbox 360.

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How to Create HBO Max Account

(1) Launch your PC and select the Web Browser to open.

(2) Choose HBO Max’s official website and select SIGN UP NOW.

(3) On the Choose Your Streaming Experience page, choose your plan and click on the SELECT PLAN.

Select Plan to watch HBO Max on Xbox 360

(4) Enter your details like Name, Email, and Password on the Create Your Account page and click CREATE ACCOUNT.

Select Account to watch HBO Max on Xbox 360

(5) On the Add a Payment Method page, provide your card details like Name on Card, Card Number, and select START YOUR FREE TRIAL.


Hence, you have successfully created an HBO Max account. You can also watch HBO Max on PlayStation 4.


(1) Why is HBO Max not working on Xbox 360?

It may be because of some technical or software issues that can cause HBO Max to stop working on Xbox 360. You can restart the Xbox 360, check the internet connection, clear the cache on Xbox 360, update the Xbox 360 and HBO Max app, and reinstall the HBO Max app.

(2) What content is available on HBO Max?

You can watch movies, TV series, Cartoons, and more from Warner Bros, DC, Cartoon Network, Looney Toons, and more.

(3) Can you get HBO Max on Xbox One?

The Xbox One console offers the HBO Max app in its App Store for free download. However, you must have a valid subscription to stream the content.

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