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How to Play Apple Music on PS4 [PlayStation 4]



Apple Music on PS4

Listening to music is a favorite task for everyone, and it helps in changing the mindset. Every gamer wishes to hear their most loved songs while playing an interesting game. Apple Music is the best music streaming app in the world, with great audio quality. If you own an Apple device, there are fewer chances you do not know about this app, and as such, ‘Apple Music‘ is one of the first music streaming apps in the industry. You can stream Apple Music on PS4 and play your favorite games by listening to the songs.

Apple Music

Apple Music has some unique features that pave the way for long-term usage. Unfortunately, Apple Music is unavailable for PS4. But, you can stream Apple Music on the PlayStation 4 in other ways. Apple Music is accessible on the PS5 console. So, it is expected to be made available on PS4 sooner. Apple Music also provides Originals, Concerts, and music shows. It has 30,000+ curated playlists to stream for any occasion.

Apple Music User Interface

Apple Music Subscription

The Apple Music subscription costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year. It also offers a family subscription for $14.99 per month, and it can be accessed by 6 members. You can download thousands of songs to your device and stream them offline anytime.

How to Stream Apple Music on PS4

Though the Apple Music app is unavailable in the PlayStation Store, you can stream the Apple Music through a Music convertor or DLNA. The music or audio formats supported by Playstation 4 include MP3, AAC, FLAC, and M4A alone. Apple Music has an M4P format, and thereby, you have to use the music convertor for streaming the songs.

How to Listen to Apple Music on PlayStation 4

You can use the popular third-party music converters to convert the format from M4A to MP3. After converting them, you have to send them to PS4 through USB Pendrive.

1 – Download and launch ViWizard from a trusted source.

2 – Open ViWizard and import audio files into it by dragging and dropping files into the home screen.

Apple Music on PS4, drag and drop file.

3 – Click on the Magic Wand icon to change settings like volume, speed, and pitch.

Apple Music on PS4, edit audio attributes.

4 – Once the changes have been made. Click on the ‘OK’ button to save the settings.

Apple Music on PS4, click ok to save changes

5 – Select the edit icon and open the Tags tab. Make changes to Album Metadata and album art in this window, and save changes by clicking on the ‘Ok‘ button.

Apple Music on PS4, edit audio attributes.

6 – Click on the format area on the bottom left of the Viwizard windows application.

Apple Music on PS4, choose format.

7 – Choose the Format you wish to convert and click on the ‘OK’ button in the popup window.

convert to format to stream Apple Music on PS4,

8 – Select the Convert button on the bottom right to start converting the files to the desired format.

Convert audio

9 – Wait for the progress indicator to fill up completely.

Progress bar Viwizard software

10 – Once the progress bar shows, the conversion is complete. Open the converted icon in the top middle section of the app.

Converted file Viwizard software

11 – Connect a USB Pendrive with the PC.

12 – Create a folder inside the root of the USB named Music.

13 – Move the converted music files inside the folder created just now and eject the USB Pendrive.

Eject the USB pen drive.
Eject USB disk

14 – Insert the USB Pen Drive into the USB port on the PS4 console.

Connect USB drive
Insert the USB drive into the PS4 console

15 – Go to the PS4 home screen and find the app tile USB Music Player.

USB Music Player on PS4

16 – Now, start playing your favorite music on USB Music Player.

USB Music player UI

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How to Play Apple Music using DLNA

1 – On the PS4 home screen, highlight the Playstation Store icon and open the Store.

PS store app tile.

2 – Highlight the Search button on the PS Store and select it.

Search button PS Store.

3 – Type Media player in the search and press ???? on the controller to load the results.

On-screen keyboard PS Store search

4 – Look for the Media Player‘ app title on the search results and open the app.

Open Media player app search result.

5 – Select the Download button to download the Media Player app.

Media Player download button.

6 – Wait for the progress bar to fill up. This would mean the download is complete.

Download progress bar.

7 – Once the download is complete, the progress bar will turn into the ‘Start‘ button and select the Start button.

Launch Media Player.

8 – Open the Media Player app on PS4, and wait for DLNA to detect your phone.

Media Player waiting for DLNA network of iPhone.

9 – On your iPhone, install and open the iMediaShare app from the App Store.

Tap on iMediaShare app icon to open.

10 – Wait for a couple of seconds. The iMediaShare app would show a splash screen and freeze. At the same time, it tries to set up a ‘DLNA‘ network for the ‘Media Player‘ app on PS4 to connect to.

Wait for iMediaShare to setup a DLNA network.

11 – Once the DLNA network is set up by the iMediaShare app, the Media Player app on PS4 would be able to detect and load a list of devices.

List of devices on DLNA network.

12 – Select the iMediaShare Personal (iPhone) item on the list and press the button on the controller.

List of devices connect to network

13 – Inside the iMediaShare Personal (iPhone) folder, highlight the ‘Music’ folder and press the button on the controller to open the list of MP3s inside the folder.

Apple Music on PS4. folders list on iPhone

After completing the connection, you can choose your favorite playlist to stream in the gaming session. You can connect your Bluetooth Headphones and Apple AirPods to your PS4 and enjoy the music streaming with good sound quality.

Apple Music on PS4 - USB Music Player

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download Apple Music on PS4?

No, You cannot download the Apple Music app on PlayStation 4 due to its unavailability. It is possible to stream Apple Music on PS4 from the smartphone.

How can you connect the USB drive to a PS4 console?

Any USB drive can be easily connected to a PS4 console via the USB port.
However, the files that cannot be identified by the console won’t be listed on the file browser. Apple music formats are one among them.

Is it possible to connect Apple iPhone to PS4 to share files?

Yes, it is possible. But you only have limited choices. You cannot do it via the USB, but you have to use the DLNA to do so.

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