Recording the Gameplay is one of the favorite tasks for every gamer to showcase their gaming skills. You can also share the videos on social media. The Gameplay can be captured in the required format and it has no barriers in the duration. The process to record the Gameplay on PS3 is quite simple and it can be accomplished easily.

Unlike the current-gen PS4 and PS5 consoles, the PS3 system software does not have a built-in screen capture or a gameplay recording feature. You have to do this manually, and it can be done in three ways. They are

  • Record PS3 Games without Capture Card
  • Capture Gameplay on PS3 Games with Capture Card
  • Use USB Drive to record the Gameplay on PS3

How to Record Gameplay on PS3 without Capture Card

[1] Start the PlayStation 3 and plugin the one end of the HDMI cable to the PS3 console.

Plug one end to HDMI out of PS3

[2] Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the PC.

Plug In the other end of HDMI to HDMI In on the PC

[3] Download and Install the popular Screen Recording app on the PC.

[4] Launch the Screen Recording app.

[5] Click the Settings icon on the bottom right of the home window.

[6] Choose the File Location to save the Video and select the Format.

Press the + button to set the capture area

[6] Press on the ⊕ symbol to the crop window and set the capture area.

Crop the window using mouse to set the capture area to record gameplay on PS3

[7] To start the recording, press the REC button and start playing the game on PS3 for recording.

Press REC button to record gameplay on PS3

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How to Record PS3 Gameplay using the Capture Card

[1] Launch the PlayStation 3 and connect to the Game Capture HD with an HDMI cable.

[2] Plugin the Game Capture HD Card to TV with HDMI cable.

[3] Connect the Game Capture HD with your PC using the USB cable.

[4] Download the necessary software for the Capture Card.

[5] Press the Record button on the capture software to start recording the PS3 gameplay.

Press the red record button to start to record gameplay on PS3

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How to Record using USB Drive

[1] Download the SnagIt software Version 11 or 12 on your PC.

[2] Install the Software on your PC.

[3] Plugin the USB Drive into your PC.

[4] Open ‘C:\Program Files‘ and go to Screen Recorder location on PC.

[5] Copy all the contents into the USB Drive’s root path.

[6] Disconnect USB Drive.

[7] Plugin the USB Drive into the PS3 USB port, and it will start to record automatically.

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How to Record PS3 gameplay?

There are three ways to record gameplay on PS3.
1. Connect your PS3 to your PC using HDMI and use screen capture software to record.
2. Using a Capture Card like Elgato Game Capture HD.
3. Flash USB Drive with a program called SnagIt to automatically record gameplay on PS3.

How to Record PS3 with Elgato HD60?

You would need to connect the PS3 and Elgato capture card using HDMI. Then connect the Elgato capture card to the PC using a USB. Make use of Game Capture HD software to record.

How to record PS3 Gameplay without buying anything?

You can download the free screen recording software on your PC and connect the PS3 to your PC using an HDMI cable. Now, you can record the Gameplay without buying anything.