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How to Record Nintendo Switch



How to Record Nintendo Switch

You will get to know how to record on your Nintendo Switch from this article. Generally, every gamer wishes to capture a screenshot of their achievement. Especially living in the digital age, we all wish to record our gameplay and share it with our friends and followers on social media. Therefore recording option is what everyone seeks in a gaming console.

Record on Nintendo Switch

One can take a screenshot as well as record it on Nintendo Switch. Both the Nintendo Switch and Lite models include a capture button on the left Joy-Con, designed for recording purposes. With the help of this built-in recording facility, one can record for 30 seconds only which is the maximum capacity. To record a longer video then, one may need to use an external video capture device. The captured screenshots and videos are automatically saved in the albums on your Nintendo Switch.

Capture a Screenshot on Nintendo Switch

[1] Open and play the game of your choice on the Nintendo Switch.

[2] When the time comes for a capture, press the capture button once and release it immediately for a single screenshot.

[3] For multiple screenshots, press and release the capture button several times, depending upon the number of screenshots required.

Capture button on Nintendo Switch

How to Screen Record on Nintendo Switch

As mentioned earlier, Nintendo Switch can record only for 30 seconds, and the record is also done using the capture button.

[1] Taking Screenshots and Screen records is almost similar on Nintendo Switch.

[2] Press and hold the Capture button for a second.

[3] Your Nintendo Switch will record the clip of the past 30 seconds of your gameplay.

How to View and Share a Screen record on Nintendo Switch

[1] Tap the Home button on the right Joy-Con.

[2] Navigate to Album.

Access records from albums on Nintendo Switch

[3] Choose the Screen Recording of your choice.

[4] On pressing the A button, you will notice options to Edit and Share the recording.

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How to Record a Longer Video

In case you are willing to take a screen recording that exceeds more than 30 seconds, then you may try the option below. For this, you will need an external capture device. You can also stream the Nintendo Switch gaming on the Twitch app.

[1] Connect the Nintendo Switch to its dock.

Connect the Switch to its dock

[2] Next, connect the HDMI cable to your dock.

[3] After this, connect the dock to the capture device using the other end of the HDMI cable.

[4] Now connect the PC and capture device using the HDMI cable.

[5] Finally, connect the PC and the Nintendo Switch. The output port is to be connected to the PC, and the input port with Switch.

[6] Open and start playing your game on the Nintendo Switch and simultaneously turn on your capture device to record the gameplay.

[7] The gameplay will be saved on your PC for broadcast or later usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can I screen record on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, one can record on the Nintendo Switch. And the recording is possible only for 30 seconds, with the built-in recording facility. One can also capture screenshots on Nintendo Switch.

[2] Can I share the recorded clips from Nintendo Switch?

Once the record is completed, it will be stored on the album of your Switch. One can access the clips and press the A button on your Joy-Con and share or edit the clip of their choice.

[3] Is there a possibility to record more than 30 seconds on Switch?

The capture button on the Switch will not allow you to record more than 30 seconds. However, there are choices to record a long video from your gameplay. To achieve this, you need to use an external capture device like a capture card, etc.

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