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How to Reset PS3 [PlayStation 3] Controller



How to Reset PS3 Controller

PlayStation 3 has two official controllers, namely the DualShock 3 and Sixaxis. The Controllers offer the players the most intuitive gameplay experience with pressure sensors in all the action buttons. Sometimes the controllers may not work properly. If you can’t connect the PS3 controller to the console, you need to reset the PS3 controller to make it work. You will also need to reset your controller when you are unable to connect the secondary controllers and if a red square is displayed on your PlayStation 3 when you press the PS button on your controller. You can follow this guide to know more details on how to reset your PS3 controller.

How to Reset PS3 Controller

The reset operation is a quick and easy one. You need to use a paper clip or pin to access the Reset button on the controller. Before proceeding further, you have to charge the PS3 Controller.

1. First, turn off your PS3 Controller and PlayStation 3 console.

turn off your PS3

2. Unplug the controller from the PlayStation 3 console.

3. You can find the Reset button at the back of the controller.

press the reset button to reset your PS3 controller

4. Use a Paper clip to press the Reset button.

5. Now, connect the controller using the USB cable to your PlayStation 3 console.

Connect PS3 controller with USB cable

6. Hit the PS button on your PS3 controller to reboot your PS3.

7. Finally, connect the controller with your PS3 console.

How to Reset PS3 Controller without Reset Button

You will not be able to reset your controller without a reset button. But, there is a walkaround that you can try to restart your controller.

1. Connect your PS3 controller with your PlayStation 3.

2. Next, press the PS button on the controller.

Press PS button

3. Now, disconnect the controller from the console.

4. Finally, your device will restart, and you can able to use the Controller as usual.

You can perform the reset of the Controller whenever you cannot be able to connect the Controller to the PS3 console. You also have to check for any physical damage or accumulation of dust particles in the controller for not working issues. In case of any queries or suggestions for the above guide, then please mention them in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reset a PS3 controller?

Yes, you can reset the PS3 controller using the reset button at the back of the controller. The reset button is hidden inside a hole.

How to connect a PS3 controller without a USB cable?

Switch on your PS3 and turn on your PS3 controller by pressing the PS button on your PS3 controller. Now the LED light on the controller will glow, which means your PlayStation 3 controller is connected with your PS3 console.

Why is my PlayStation 3 controller flashing?

If your PS3 controller loses the Bluetooth pairing, it would start flashing. At the time, connect your controller to PS3 using the USB cable and press the PS button on your controller. By that time, your controller will stop flashing.

How to reset video settings on PS3?

The video settings can be reset using the Power button on the PS3. Turn off the console and hold the Power button till you hear a beep sound twice. This will reset the video settings to the default.

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