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How to Reset PS3 [PlayStation 3] to Factory Settings



How to Reset PS3

PlayStation 3 is a relatively old gaming console. In the old console, you can get performance issues. To fix those performance issues, you need to reset your PS3. Resetting the PlayStation 3 console will delete all the information stored in the console. However, you can get a backup for your game data using a USB or hard drive and save it for future endeavors.

Back Up your Saved Game Files

It is recommended to back up your saved data since the reset option will erase all the data in the console. You can use any USB drive to back up data. However, make sure you have at least 1GB of free space in the USB drive.

[1] Connect the USB drive to your PS3 console. The USB ports are placed on the left side of the PS3 console.

How to reset PS3, connect usb drive to PS3

[2] Select Game in the menu and choose the Saved Data Utility option.

From menu choose 'Saved Data Utility'

[3] Browse through the game list and navigate to the game you wish to back up.

Choose game from the Saved Data utility on PS3

[4] Press the Triangle face button on the controller and select Copy.

[5] Choose your USB drive from the list.

You have to repeat the same procedure for all the game saves you want to back up.

How to Reset PS3 Using Settings

[1] Launch the PlayStation 3 console and go to the home screen.

[2] Select Settings in the horizontal menu.

[3] Scroll down and click the System Settings in the Settings menu.

Choose System Settins to reset the console

[4] Choose the Restore PS3 System option.

Tap the Restore PS3 System

[5] Click Yes in the warning prompt.

Click Yes in the warning popup

[6] Choose the Format method (Quick or Full Format). Full Format will take a lot of time to reset the console. Quick Format will delete all the files quickly.

[7] Select Yes again to reset the PS3 Console.

How to Reset PS3 in Safe Mode

The Safe Mode in PS3 offers some tools to diagnose and repair freezing issues and glitches. You will have to restart your PS3 to access Safe Mode.

[1] Once your PS3 console is turned off, press the Power button. You will hear the first beep.

[2] Long press the Power button until you hear the next beep. The system will power turn off and the light will turn red.

[3] Press and hold the Power button again.

[4] Continue holding the Power button till a rapid double beep is heard. Release the Power button. It displays the information that Connect the controller using USB and then press the PS button.

[5] Connect the controller to the PS3 console through the USB cable and turn it on. Here, the wireless connection on the PS3 controller won’t work.

How to reset PS3, connect usb to controller

[6] Press the PS button to enter the Safe Mode Screen.

How to reset PS3 press PlayStation home key on controller

How to Reset PS3 from Safe Mode

There are six options available in Safe Mode. To reset the console, you can choose any of the below-mentioned four options.

Safe Mode menu in PS3™ / PlayStation®3

Restore Default Settings – This will delete all the user-defined settings and set them to factory defaults.

Restore File System – This option fixes file system errors on the hard drive.

Rebuild Database – This will attempt to fix the database tables back to the original state.

Restore PS3 System – This will perform a factory reset on the PlayStation 3. All data on the hard drive will be wiped out, and also all settings will be restored to default.

After choosing any of these options, the console will restart. After the restart, you need to set up the PS3 console.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset the PS3 Controller?

The PS3 Controller has a hidden button for the reset. You can find the Reset button at the back of the Controller. You have to use a paper clip to press the Reset button for a few seconds and the release button to complete the reset process.

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