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How to Reset PS4 Controller: Quick Guide



How to reset PS4 controller

If your PS4 is not working properly or behaving weirdly, the best thing you can do to fix it is by resetting your PlayStation 4. When you feel issues in the Dualshock Controller, you have to look into the Controller to repair it. Reset could be the perfect option to modify the PS4 controller to the original settings. You also have to disconnect the Controller from other devices such as smartphones and PC. In case the controls in the PS4 controller are not working properly, you can try resetting the Dualshock Controller.

How to Reset PS4 Controller

Usually, there will be two modes of reset available for every device. You can either perform a soft or hard reset of the Dualshock Controller.

How to Soft Reset PS4 Controller

Quick Guide: Go to the Settings > Devices > Bluetooth Devices > Choose the Controller > Press Options button > Select Forget Device

When you do a soft reset, you will also need to reset the connection between your console and the PS4 controller. You can do this only when you have an alternative controller.

1. Connect the second controller to the PS4 console.

2. Select the Settings near the power icon from the top menu.

3. Select Devices from the setting menu.

tap devices to Reset PS4 controller

4. Click Bluetooth Devices under the devices section.

Reset PS4 controller/ click Bluetooth devices

5. From the list of PlayStation 4 controllers, select the controller that you want to reset.

select your controller to Reset PS4 controller

6. Now, press the Options button on your controller.

Reset PS4 controller

7. Select Forget Device from the Pop-up screen.

select forget device

8. Next, turn off your PS4 by pressing the PS4 button on your controller.

9. Click the Power icon in the menu and select Turn off PS4.

10. Now, connect the controller that you have reset with the USB cable.

11. Power on your PS4 and wait for it to start.

12. Finally, press the PS4 button on your DualShock controller and log in to your PS4. Now, Start playing your PS4 games with your PS4 controller.

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How to Hard Reset the PS4 controller

If you don’t have an alternative PlayStation 4 controller, then you will need to hard reset your PlayStation 4 controller. The hard reset will make your DualShock 4 controller as you took it out of the box. To do the hard reset, you need a Clip or Pin to access the reset button.

1. Turn off your PlayStation 4.

2. Find the small hole near the left shoulder button on the Controller.

3. Insert the clip in the hole to push the Reset button on a PS4 controller

insert the clip in the small hole

4. Press and hold the Reset button inside for five seconds.

5. Connect the PS4 controller to your PS4 console using a USB cable.

6. Next, press the Power button to turn it on and wait until it gets started.

7. Click the PS4 button on your controller and log in to PS4.

8. After the reset, you can start playing your PlayStation 4 games using your Playstation 4 controller.

It is always preferable to do the soft reset at first. Go for a hard reset when you have no alternative options left. In case of any doubts with the above steps, please specify them in the comments section below.


How to fix Dualshock 4 drift?

To fix the PS4 controller drift, you should turn off your PS4 first and clean your PS4 controller, which has dust, with a soft cloth. Then, use canned air around the controller to fix the PS4 drift.

Do I need to Reset my PS4 controller often?

No, It is not necessary to reset your PS4 controller often. You are suggested to reset your PS4 controller only when it is not functioning.

Can I reset the PS4 without a controller?

Yes. You can factory reset your console using an external keyboard or mouse, a PS4 application, and a Bluetooth device.

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