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How to Restart PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to Restart PS4

Learn how and why to restart your PS4 from this article. It will help you in a lot of situations while facing some error or performance-based issues on the console. Yes, most of your technical issues can find a solution with a simple restart of your PS4. Therefore, it can be one of the initial attempts while you are trying to troubleshoot on your PS4. There are a few options to restart your console, and it is just the same as how you restart your PC. Before we start with the procedure, be sure that a restart is not a reset. So if you restart your PS4, it will not affect your personal information and other data on it.

Advantages of PlayStation 4 Restart

[1] The main benefit is it will sort out the low RAM problem on any device. It clears the Cache stored on the console as a result of performing a tremendous amount of functions on our PlayStation 4. Usually, we indulge in gaming, and apart from this, due to the availability of streaming apps on the console, we load up its activity. There are too many activities happening on your PS4 that you are not aware of.

[2] Certain apps will continue to work even when you close them. It happens behind your screen, so it is totally not noticeable. All of these can consume a lot of space and memory on your console, resulting in poor performance or freezing of the console often. A restart can help in this situation.

[3] As we all know now, restart can help you in fixing the issues on your PS4. But if you are restarting your console often, then it is definitely indicating you have some major issue lying behind. The issues which cannot be fixed by a simple restart need more attention.

How to Restart PS4 from the Controller

[1] Press and hold the PS button on your controller.

Hold the PS button on controller

[2] Select Power on your console.

[3] Scroll down and click Power Options.

Power options to restart PS4

[4] Under Power Options, choose Turn Off PS4 or Restart PS4.

How to Restart PS4 in Safe Mode

[1] Simply press and hold the Power button on your console for 7 to10 seconds.

Press the Power button on PS4 console

[2] You will hear two beep sounds, then release the power button.

[3] Now your console is Turned off.

[4] Your PS4 will Turn On in Safe Mode, with few options on the screen.

[5] While it turns on, You need to connect your PS4 controller to the console using a USB charging cable to exit from the safe mode.

The options you get while restarting your console in Safe Mode are below. Choose any of the options displayed on your PS4, depending on your preference.

Restart in Safe mode

[1] Restart System– By choosing this, you can get out of Safe Mode and restart normally.

[2] Change Resolution– If you initiated the restart for screen-related issues, you could change the screen resolution to 480p using this option.

[3] Update System Software-to update software on your console.

[4] Restore Default Settings– This is a reset option without deleting any data, games, or apps.

[5] Rebuild Database– This option can add all your content to a new database on the console.

[6] Initialize PS4– This is also similar to a reset option which restores your console to its original settings and deletes all user data and settings.

[7] Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)– On choosing this, the firmware on your console will be deleted, apart from deleting all user data and settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] What happens if you restart your PS4 in Safe Mode?

If you restart your PS4 in Safe Mode, it allows you to start your console with the basic functions active. Also, in the Safe Mode, you get options to help you solve issues like restarting normally, changing resolutions, updating system software, etc.

[2] How do you restart a frozen PS4?

You have to hold the PS Button on your controller for 7 seconds and then choose the restart option. If that does not help, then press and hold the Power button on your PS4 console until it beeps twice. Even when this option doesn’t help, then press and hold the power button on the console until it turns off or unplug the console from the main power source.

[3] Is the restart and reset the same thing on PS4?

No, by restart, it means you are turning off the console and starting it back again, without removing any data. It can help you to close the programs running behind or reduce the console’s performance. Whereas reset will delete and restore your console in its original state, like how you unboxed it. All the game and data will be erased during the reset.

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