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How to Restart PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to Restart PS4

PlayStation 4 gaming consoles can run for a long time without any issues. When you play a game for more than four hours, the console will generate more heat. Though the console can handle hard gaming, it is not advisable. If the console is running continuously, you need to restart the PS4 console to cool it down. Let’s see how to reset the PlayStation 4 consoles.

Advantages of Restarting PlayStation 4 Restart

[1] The main benefit is it will sort out the low RAM problem on any device. It will clear the cache on your PS4. As a result, the console’s performance will improve.

[2] Certain apps will continue to work even when you close them. The app will run in the background. All the background apps can consume a lot of space and memory on your console, resulting in poor performance or freezing issues. Restarting the PS4 console can fix these issues.

How to Restart PS4 from the Controller

[1] Press and hold the PS button on your controller.

Hold the PS button on controller

[2] Select Power on your console.

[3] Scroll down and click Power Options.

[4] Under Power Options, choose Restart PS4.

How to Restart Without Controller

If the PS4 controller is not working, you can reboot the console without using the controller. Press the Power button on the controller to turn it off. Then, press the Power button again to turn on the console. If you have issues after rebooting the PlayStation 4, you need to turn on the Safe mode to fix the issue

How to Restart PS4 in Safe Mode

[1] Press the Power button on your console for 7-10 seconds.

Press the Power button on PS4 console

[2] You will hear two beep sounds, then release the Power button.

[3] Now, your console is turned off.

[4] Your PS4 will turn on in safe mode, with only a few options on the screen.

[5] While it turns on, the Bluetooth feature on the PS4 console won’t work. You need to connect your PS4 controller to the console using a USB charging cable for navigation purposes.

[6] Choose the Restart PS4 option to restart the console.

The options you get while restarting your console in Safe Mode are below. Choose any of the options displayed on your PS4, depending on your preference.

[1] Restart System – By choosing this, you can get out of Safe Mode and restart normally.

[2] Change Resolution – If you initiated the restart for screen-related issues, you could change the screen resolution to 480p using this option.

[3] Update System Software – To update your PlayStation 4 console.

[4] Restore Default Settings – This is a reset option. Choosing this will soft reset the console.

[5] Rebuild Database – This option can add all your content to a new database on the console.

[6] Initialize PS4 – This is also similar to a reset option. This will reset the PS4 console and set all the settings to factory defaults.

[7] Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)– On choosing this, the firmware on your console will be deleted, apart from deleting all user data and settings.

[8] Enable HDCP – This will enable or disable the High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you restart a frozen PS4?

You must hold the PS button on your controller for 7 seconds and then choose the restart option. If that does not help, press and hold the Power button on your PS4 console until it beeps twice. Even when this option doesn’t help, then press and hold the Power button on the console until it turns off.

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