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How to Stream Gameplay on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



how to stream on PS5

If you have excelled in your PS5 games, then it is time to showcase your ability to the world through streaming. PS5 comes with the built-in feature to stream as well as record the gameplay, which makes the job easier for gamers. In fact, the PS5 DualSense wireless controller has a Create button on it to reduce the steps involved in streaming. One can live stream as well as share some clips or footage to Twitch and YouTube. Because PS5 supports streaming only to Twitch and YouTube. Let’s look at a brief on how to stream gameplay on PS5.

How to stream on PS5

How to Stream to Twitch from PS5 Camera

To begin with, before you stream from PS5 to Twitch, you need to link your PlayStation account to Twitch.

Stream to Twitch from PS5

Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with other services > Twitch

[1] Open Settings on your PS5.

[2] Navigate to the Users and Accounts section.

[3] Select Link with other services option.

Tap Link with other services

[4] Now, choose Twitch.

[5] You can connect PS5 to Twitch by scanning the QR code on your Twitch account from a Smartphone device. Get the Twitch app for iOS and Android.

[6] Otherwise, one can visit the Twitch Website [] from your browser and enter the code from your PS5 screen.

Link Twitch to PS5

[7] After linking, you can launch the game which you wish to stream and then press the Create button.

[8] Select the Broadcast option and provide a name for your broadcast.

[9] Click on Go Live and stream your gameplay.

[10] To stop or pause broadcasting, click the Create button again and then select the Broadcast option. Choose between Stop broadcast or Pause broadcast as per your preference.

How to Setup Live Stream on YouTube from PS5

This process is also similar to streaming on Twitch. Again you need to link your PS5 to YouTube to stream your gameplay.

Stream to YouTube from PS5

Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with other services > YouTube

[1] Go to Settings and select Users and Accounts.

[2] Click on Link with Other Services

[3] Here choose YouTube, where you will prompt to link it via the PS5 web browser.

[4] Enter the login email address of the YouTube account from which you wish to stream.

[5] You need to grant your PlayStation Network access to YouTube and then verify your account through a text or voice message on your phone.

[6] The verification takes 24 hours and after which you can stream to YouTube from your PS5.

[7] To remove the YouTube account from your PS5 or add another account, select Settings > Users and Accounts > Link with other services > Unlink.

Press Create button to live stream from PS5

[8] Press the Create button after launching a game and then click Broadcast.

[9] Choose Go Live to stream to YouTube from PS5.

Choose Go Live from broadcast menu

[10] To stop or pause streaming, as in the Twitch method, click Create > Broadcast > Stop broadcast or Pause broadcast.

After linking your Twitch or YouTube account to PS5, the procedure to stream reduces down. There is no linking process after the initial streaming setup. All you need to do is press the Create button and adjust the streaming settings as per your need. Additionally, one can also use capture cards for high-quality video streaming on PS5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stream on PS4?

Yes, one can stream on PS4. PS4 has in-built integration with YouTube and Twitch to live stream your game.

How to watch PS5 clips on the phone?

To watch PS5 clips on your phone, you need PlayStation mobile app and link it with your PS5. Similarly, enable the Capture option on both your PS5 and PS app. Go to the game library on your PlayStation mobile app and then enable Capture. On your PS5 Settings, select Captures and Broadcasts. Under this menu, choose Capture and then tap Auto-upload. Now you will be able to watch PS5 clips on your mobile app.

Can I stream PS5 on Twitch through PC?

Yes, you can stream PS5 on Twitch by connecting your PS5 to your PC. Twitch can be accessed through its website and you can start streaming the gameplay.

How can I stream PS5 on Facebook?

Connect the capture card to PlayStation and copy the stream key to Facebook. Now, install OBS, set it up, and connect it with your Facebook account to stream PS5 on Facebook.

What do you need to stream on PS5?

You will need a video card to stream on PS5 with high video quality.

Can I stream PS5 to discord?

To stream PlayStation to Discord, launch the Discord app and click on the Screen Share icon. Then, choose the device to which you want to share and click on Audio to select your preferred device for sound.

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