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How to Turn Off Motion Control on Nintendo Switch



Turn Off Motion Control on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch does not have a motion control option in the settings to turn On/ Off. But that doesn’t mean, Switch users will never be able to turn off the motion control at all. Before we begin with the solution to turn off motion control on the Switch, let us check what motion control is and its purpose on Nintendo Switch. The switch is very popular for its compact size and portability. Also, its joy-con controllers are also more likable among the users. It can be attached as well as detached from the Switch console. When detached from the console, it can be used as two individual controllers. Both these joy-cons have motion sensors inside them. These motion sensors are responsible for motion control on Nintendo Switch.

How to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch

What is Motion Control on Nintendo Switch

On gaming consoles, motion control is a technology that allows coordination between the controllers and the console. This technology on Nintendo Switch allows the console to detect how the joy-cons are moving. Based upon the motion of your joy-con, like turning or shaking, the activity of your game on the console will be controlled. Both the joy-cons on Switch have motion sensors. These sensors continue to work even when both the joy-cons are detached from the Switch and used as an individual controller.

How to Turn Off Motion Control on Nintendo Switch

As mentioned above, there is no one particular option on Nintendo Switch that allows us to turn off the motion control. Users must disable the motion controls from game settings individually for each game. The method to disable motion control on each game may vary due to the changes in the Settings. Some games may not have options to disable the motion control.

Quick Guide: Open the game > Settings > Motion controls > Turn off/Disable

For example, let us check the steps to turn off motion control on Fortnite, a popular game on Nintendo Switch.

How to turn off motion control on Nintendo Switch Fortnite

[1] Power on the Nintendo Switch and launch the Fortnite game on your Nintendo Switch.

[2] Open the Settings menu in the Fortnite game.

[3] Navigate through the settings menu and find the Touch and Motion option.

[4] Here you will find several individual motion control options like Gyro aiming, Flickstick.

Adjust the motion control changes

[5] Turn off the motion control options of your choice.

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Instead of Settings, some games have the Options menu. Otherwise, there will be a gear-shaped icon instead of these options. Also, certain games have individual options for each motion control, like Fortnite. In contrast, other games have one option to disable the motion control totally. Since Switch does not have a choice to turn off the motion control completely for all the games, we must disable it individually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off motion controls for Splatoon 2 on Switch?

After launching the Splatoon game on your Switch, press the X button on your console. This needs to be done when you get access to your character. As a result of pressing the X button, you will get the System menu on your screen. From the Other tab, under the system menu, turn off the motion control. This method is applicable to both TV and handheld modes.

How to charge Nintendo Switch controllers?

Nintendo Switch comes with Joy-con, which is handy and can be used as two individual controllers while separated from the Switch console. These joy-cons charge when you attach them to the console by sliding them on both the sides respectively. One can also charge them effectively by placing them on the dock.

How to stream live gameplay from Switch?

To stream live gameplay on Twitch, you will need a Twitch account. Additionally, you will also need a capture card, PC, and recording software. Initially, you need to connect the capture card with your Switch. Then connect the capture card to PC and TV using USB and HDMI cable, respectively. Launch OBS Studio on your PC and then link it with Twitch. Add your capture device to the OBS studio and then start streaming.

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