If your Nintendo Switch is stuck during gameplay or frozen on a screen, you have to turn off the console and restart them. When the Nintendo Switch does not respond to the input from the controller, you can turn OFF and ON the console. The Power button will turn off the console instantly. It also has a Sleep mode to save the battery power of the switch when not in use. You can also use the Power button when the Switch is not working properly.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch

Initially, you have to locate the Power button on the controller. It is at the top edge of the controller on the left side with the Power icon. The Power button offers various options with the time of pressing.

Put Nintendo Switch into Sleep Mode

When you are about to take a break or attend a phone call, you can just put the console to sleep and turn on the Switch anytime to continue gaming. You have to press the Power button momentarily to get the Switch into Sleep Mode.

Press and hold power button to turn off nintendo switch completely

How to Turn Off Switch Completely

You can turn off the Switch once after finishing the game using the same Power button.

1 – Press and hold the Power Button for 3 seconds or more until you see a prompt on the screen.

2 – Scroll down and select the Power Options on the menu.

Choose Power Options to turn off nintendo switch completely
Prompt when POWER button is pressed for 3 seconds or more.

3 – Use the directional keys on the D-Pad and highlight the Turn Off option on the vertical menu.

4 – Select Turn Off using the controller to completely turn off the console.

Tap 'Turn off' option.

How to Force Shut Down Nintendo Switch

Suppose your OS has crashed due to some reason. Press and hold the Power Button for 12 seconds or more until you the console screen turns off.

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Alternative Way to Put Switch in Sleep Mode

You can also enable Sleep mode in the Switch from the option on the Home screen.

[1] Start the Nintendo Switch and go to the home screen.

[2] Press and hold the Home button on the Controller.

[3] Move right in the menu and choose the Sleep Mode (Power icon) to put the Switch in sleep mode.

Select Sleep Mode to turn off the Nintendo Switch

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controllers

You can turn off Switch Controllers through System Settings. This option can turn off the Controller, Pro Controller, and Wireless controller. Visit the Nintendo Switch Support for the repairs and orders.

[1] Go to the Home screen of the Switch and press the Home button to get the menu.

[2] Scroll right and select the System settings [gear icon] in the menu.

Select Settings on the home screen

[3] Scroll the left menu and find the option labeled as Controllers and Sensors.

[4] Select the Controllers and Sensors option in the System Settings.

Select Controllers and Sensors from the side menu

[5] Choose the Disconnect Controllers to turn off the controller.

Highlight and select Disconnect Controllers option

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] How to turn off Nintendo Switch Lite?

You can long press the Power button on the console to turn off Nintendo Switch Lite.

[2] How to turn off the Nintendo console when frozen?

You can press and hold the Power Button for 12 seconds in order to hard shut down the device.

[3] How to turn off WiFi on Nintendo Switch?

You can turn off the WiFi on the Nintendo by going to the System Settings >> Internet >> Internet Settings >> Choose the WiFi to disconnect.