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How to Turn off PS3 [PlayStation 3] Controller



Turn off PS3 Controller

It is an easy task to turn off the PS3 controller when you are not in need of it. Sony launched PlayStation 3 with DualShock 3 controller for a better gaming experience. No wonder people are still into PS3 because it is one of the best gaming consoles of all time. Nothing can be a better controller to work with PlayStation 3 than DualShock 3. The rumble function and slightly heavier design of the DualShock 3 controller are what make it more likable. The DualShock 3 and the other popular PS3 controller Sixaxis controller, both connect via Bluetooth. Whereas the previous-gen console PS2 came with a wired controller. Also, The PS3 controller includes a PS button which helps to turn on and turn off the controller easily.

How to turn off PS3 controller

How to Turn off PS3 Controller using PS Button

[1] Press and hold the PS button on your Controller for 2 to 3 seconds.

DualShock 3

[2] The options menu will pop up on your screen.

[3] From the options, select Turn off Controller to shut down the controller.

[4] Alternatively, press and hold the PS button for 15 seconds and the PS3 controller will turn off automatically.

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How to Turn Off PS3 Controller on PC

The Setup of a PS3 Controller on a PC requires the installation of software and configuration. You can also use a Bluetooth Dongle to connect the Controller to the PC. The turn-off procedure is quite simple and it is just disconnecting the device. When you have connected through Bluetooth, press the PS button on the Controller to turn it off. If you have connected with software installation, go to the connected Controllers and select the controller to disconnect.

Turning off the controller when not in use is advisable. Because the Controller battery keeps draining when it is idle. In situations where you are playing music or a movie on your console, there will be no use of your controller. Therefore, when the console is on, but the controller is not in use, you can turn it off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off controller vibration on PS3?

Open the XMB menu and then select Settings. Under Accessory settings, disable the Controller vibration function. Turning off the vibration on the PS3 controller will also help in saving the battery.

How to turn on and sync DualShock 3?

Turn on the PS3 and connect the mini USB cable with DualShock 3 Controller. Now, connect the other end of the mini USB cable to the PS3. Press the PS button on the controller to turn it on. When the light stops flashing on the controller, you can unplug the mini USB cable from the controller.

What is a remote play on PS3?

Remote Play enables you to operate PS3 remotely over a wireless LAN network. But you will need a display device that supports remote play. Users can enable or disable this function at their convenience. Under the Remote Play option in the Settings menu, one can enable or disable this feature.

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