You can turn off your PS4 controller when you are not using them to play the games on PS4. This may help you in saving your controller’s battery power. Keeping a controller idle for a long time may also affect its life span in the long run. A PS4 controller takes 2 hours to charge fully and the charge lasts for eight hours only. Due to some negligence like leaving the controller as such, all the time will drain its battery.


There are also times when we use the console for streaming some movies or TV shows. In these cases, the controller does not have much role. Therefore while not in active use like that of gaming, you can turn off the PS4 controller easily. You can turn off your PS4 device while using the PS button, Quick Menu option, and set the time to turn it Off.

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller without Console

This is the quickest method of all. All you need to do is press and hold the PS button in the middle of your PS4 controller for 10 seconds. Your controller will automatically turn off the Bluetooth connection. This method is applicable while using the controller on a console as well as on a PC. Basically, whatever device your controller is paired with, you can turn it off with the PS button.

Press PS button

How to Turn Off PS4 Controller Manually

Quick menu > Sounds/Devices > Turn off device > DualShock 4

[1] Long press the PS button on your controller until you get the Quick menu on your screen.

[2] From the Quick Menu, choose Sounds/Devices.

[3] Select the Turn off device option from the right pane.

Turn off PS4 controller from Quick menu

[4] Choose the DualShock 4 controller which you wish to turn off.

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How to Turn Off Controller Automatically

This method will be helpful when you use your console for other activities apart from gaming. For instance, if you are playing a movie on your console and your controller is idle throughout the movie, it will turn off automatically at the set time.

Quick menu > Sounds/Devices > Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off

[1] Press and hold the PS button till you can get the Quick menu.

Set time until controller turns off

[2] Select Sounds/Devices and then choose Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off.

[3] Choose the Time Period [ After 10 minutes, After 30 minutes, and After 60 minutes] to turn off the Controller whenever it is in idle mode.

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How to Turn Off PS4 Controller on PC

There are some gamers willing to use the DualShock 4 controller on their PC. This offers a better gaming experience than that of using a keyboard/mouse. If that is your case, then learn how to turn off the PS4 controller while using it on a PC. For this, you need to go to the User interface and then choose Off next to the Controller option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off vibration on the PS4 controller?

Open the Settings menu on PS4 and then choose the Devices option. Under the Devices, select the controller’s option and then choose to disable controller vibration.

How to turn off PS4 with a controller?

Press and hold the PS button on your controller till the Quick menu opens up. You need to choose the Power option and then click on Turn off PS4.

What to do when the PS4 controller doesn’t turn off?

When your PS4 controller is not turning off, then check the PS button. If it is functioning effectively, then the problem may be with the battery on your controller. Replace the battery and try turning it off.