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How to Turn Off PS4 [PlayStation 4]



How to Turn Off PS4

You can turn off your PlayStation 4 once in a while to offer rest to your console after playing games for long hours. Though it has a rest mode instead of Power off, both are totally different. Your PS4 works in the background even if it is in rest mode for low-power activities such as downloading games and updating software. The PS4 consumes less power in the rest mode. The orange light on your console indicates that it is in rest mode. Whereas, when you turn off the PS4, there will not be any light blinking on your console.

How to turn off PS4

It is important to turn off your PS4 properly before unplugging the Power cord from the power source. Otherwise, you may end up losing any data just like your PC. Similarly, when you leave your console on for days consecutively, you may not notice any performance issues immediately. But in the long run, it may affect your console. To learn how to turn off your PS4 from this article and offer some rest to your expensive device.

How to Turn Off PS4 with Controller

To turn off your PS4 with the Controller, you need to go back to the home screen on your console. Press the PlayStation button on your Controller to go to your home screen. If you are already on the home screen, then ignore it. From the home screen, you can shut down your device using two methods.

[1] Using the quick menu

[2] Using the power menu

From the Quick menu

Quick Guide: Long Press PS button >> Go to Quick Menu >> Select Power >> Click Turn Off PS4

[1] Press and hold the PlayStation button on your controller until the Quick menu appears.

Press PS button

[2] In the Quick Menu, choose the Power option.

Choose Power in Quick menu

[3] On the right panel, you will notice Turn off PS4. Click the option to shut down your PlayStation.

[4] Select Enter Rest Mode to put the PlayStation 4 in standby mode.

[5] Click Restart PS4 to restart the console for buffering or loading issues.

Turn off PS4 from the Power Menu

[1] Go to the Function screen by pressing the D-pad on your controller.

[2] Scroll to the right and choose Power.

Choose Power options to turn off PS4

[3] Next select Power options.

[4] Under Power options, select Turn off PS4.

Even though the PS4 is connected to the TV, you can turn them off without shutting down the TV.

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How to Turn Off PS4 without Controller

Turning off PS4 with the Controller may be convenient as it allows you to shut down without leaving the spot. But, if there is a situation where you cannot access your Controller or when your Controller is dead, then you can turn off the console without the Controller. You can use the Power button on the Console to turn off the PlayStation 4 manually. To troubleshoot the problems on your DualShock 4 controller, visit official PS support.

[1] Press and hold the Power button on your PlayStation 4 console for 7 seconds.

Press Power button

[2] Release the button after hearing Two beeps.

[3] You can also notice a white light on your console before it shuts down.

Note: If you release the power button after a single beep, then your PlayStation 4 will go to the Rest mode instead of shutting down with an indication of orange light on the console.

One particular thing to be noted is the position of the Power button on your console. The power button is not in the same spot on all models of PlayStation. It may vary in the PS4 Slim and Pro models. Turning off the console is also mandatory when you plan to unplug the power cord either to move it or for any other reason. Only when your console is totally frozen, you can force shutdown by unplugging the power cord. Other than that, a proper shutdown is recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to auto shutdown PS4?

Setting an auto-shutdown with a timer can save your time and power. From your PS4 settings, choose Power save settings. Then select Set time until PS4 turns off and choose between Media playback and General to set time.

Can you turn off PS4 with the phone?

Yes, one can turn off PS4 with the phone, for which you need to install the PS remote play app on your Android or iOS device. Enable Remote Play connection on your console and then log in to the same PS account on both the mobile app and console. Pair both the devices. You can then control the activities on your console using the mobile app.

Can you turn off PS4 while downloading a game?

If you shut down the PlayStation 4 while downloading the game, then the download will be stopped. However, if the console is in rest mode, then it will not affect the background activities like downloads and updates.

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