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How to Turn Off Voice on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



How to Turn Off Voice on PS5

Sony introduced the Screen Reader feature to the PS5 gaming consoles. It is enabled by default on the PlayStation 5 console. With the Screen Reader feature, you will get voice guidance for every navigation. It may be a useful feature for beginners. Over a period of time, you will get annoyed with the voice feature. If you are annoyed, you can turn off this voice feature on your PS5 console and stop the dictation.

How to Turn Off Voice on PS5

1. Initially, turn on your PS5 console by pressing the Power button on your PlayStation 5 console.

2. Go to the Home screen on your PlayStation 5.

3. Click the Settings icon on the home screen.

Settings icon on PS5

4. On the Settings menu, tap the Accessibility option.

Choose Accessibility to turrn off Voice on PS5

5. Click the Screen Reader on the left menu.

Choose Screen Reader

6. Now, on the right, you have four options.

7. Select the Enable Screen Reader and turn off the toggle to turn off the voice on PS5.

Turn off the Enable Screen Reader toggle

8. If you want to turn on the voice feature, turn on the toggle.

Customize Screen Reader on PS5

If you don’t want to disable the Screen Reader feature, you can customize it to your preferred settings. The Screen Reader feature on your PS5 has three customization options.

Options in Voice on PS5

Speech Speed – Here, you can change the speed of the screen reader. By default, the rate of speech is chosen as Normal.

Voice Type – You can change the type of vocal in this option. You can choose either a Female or a Male voice.

Voice Volume – Here, you can increase or decrease the volume of the screen reader.

Play / Pause the Voice Guidance – Press the PS button and Triangle button on the controller to pause the voice guidance. Press the same buttons to resume it.

Reading from the Start – Press the PS button and the R1 button to start the voice guidance from the beginning.

Remember, resetting the PS5 console will reset all these settings to factory defaults.

Available Voice Languages in PS5

As of now (Jan 2023), there are 12 languages available on the PS5. They are English, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Polish, Dutch, French, Korean, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Voice Assistant available on PS5?

Yes, Voice Assistant is enabled by default on your PS5. You just have to say, “Hey, PlayStation,” to trigger the voice assistant.

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