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How to Update PS3 [PlayStation 3]



How to Update PS3

The PlayStation 3 or PS3 was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment as a successor to PS2. It belongs to the Seventh generation video game consoles along with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. You can play games like the Call of Duty series, Batman Series, Fallout series, Far Cry series, Assassin’s Creed series, and more. Every device has software updates to upgrade the device interface and gaming experience. You can update your PS3 device so that you can get more interesting features, and reduce bugs. The updates also repair security holes to increase security so that you can keep your data private.

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How to Update PS3 Using the Internet

(1) Launch your PS3 and connect it to the internet.

(2) On the home screen, select Settings and scroll down to System Update.

Select System Update

(3) Select Update Via Interner. Your system will search for the latest update available and it will check the version of the update.

(4) If the updated version and your system software version are similar, then it means that you are using the latest version available and the system will show a message similar to You are using the latest version available.

(5) If the updated version and system software are not similar, then that means there is an updated version available, and the system will automatically download the latest version and install it on your device.

(6) The system will reboot or you can reboot the system manually after the installation of the latest version.

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How to Update PS3 Using the USB Drive

How to Format USB Drive

To use the USB Drive on your PS3, the USB needs to be in the FAT32 format because PS3 only supports external hard drives with this format. So, make sure that your USB is empty and use the following steps to format your USB Drive to FAT32 format:

(1) First, connect the USB drive to your computer.

(2) Select Start Menu and click on This PC. Navigate to the USB Drive. Right Click on it and select Format.

Select Format to update PS3

(3) On the File System, change the file format to FAT32 and select Start.

Select Start to update PS3

(4) When a pop-up menu asks whether you are sure to format your USB drive, select OK.

(5) This will start the formatting process and click on OK when the process is done.

How to Download Software Update on your Computer

(1) From your PC, select the browser and search for PlayStation 3 Software Update.

(2) From the search results, choose PlayStation 3 Official Website.

(2) Click on Download PS3 Update to download the latest software update on your computer.

Select Download PS3 Update to update PS3

How to Move the Software Update to your USB Drive

(1) Connect the USB Drive to your computer and create a folder called PS3. Create another folder in it called UPDATE.

(2) Cut and Move the software update file PS3UPDAT from the Downloads to the UPDATE folder under the PS3 folder on the USB Drive.

How to Update PS3 Using the USB Drive

(1) Connect the USB Drive to your PlayStation 3.

(2) Select Settings from the home screen and select System Update.

(3) Choose Update Via Storage Media and select the UPDATE file on your USB drive to launch the update.

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How to Restart PS3

After updating the PlayStation 3, you have to restart the device for a fresh start.

(1) To restart your PS3, press the Power button on your console for about 30 seconds. You will hear a total of 3 rapid beeps and the system will turn off.

Select power button

(2) Wait for a few seconds and press the Power button to turn the PS3 device back on.

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(1) Do you need an internet connection to download the latest Update?

Yes, an internet connection is very important to download the latest software update.

(2) What is the latest updated version for PS3?

The PS3’s latest update version is 4.87 firmware. It went live in December 2020, and the size of this update is about 200MB.

(3) How do I update my PS3 without connecting it to the internet?

You need to download the update file on your computer. Connect a USB Drive to your computer and create a folder called PS3 and a sub-folder called UPDATE. Move the update file that you have downloaded to the UPDATE folder on the USB and connect the USB to your PS3. Select Update Via Storage Media under System Update. Now, your PS3 will be updated.

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