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How to Update Xbox 360 to Latest Software



How to Update Xbox 360

You need to update your Xbox 360 regularly to get the most out of it. To enjoy the latest games with efficient security and additional features, updating Xbox 360 console is mandatory. The latest update for Xbox 360 was released on November 12, 2019. If you are using the older version, update the console to get new features and new games from Xbox Live. There are four different ways to update the Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

How to Check Xbox 360 Software Version

The Xbox 360 consoles are no longer in maintenance. So, you won’t get any new updates. Microsoft also confirmed that the Xbox 360 wouldn’t get any security updates. In addition to that, games from the Xbox Gold won’t be available on the Xbox 360 from October 2022. The latest version available for Xbox is 2.0.17559.0, released on November 12, 2019. You can check the Xbox 360 version and compare it with the latest release.

[1] On your Xbox 360 console, open the Settings menu.

[2] Choose the System option and select the Console Settings option.

[3] Go to the System Info option. You will find information like Dashboard, IP address, and OS version.

[4] With that, you will get the OS version of your Xbox 360 console. If it is older than the latest release, you need to update the Xbox 360 console.

How to Update Xbox 360 from Xbox Live

[1] Turn on your Xbox 360 and check the internet connection.

[2] Press the Guide button on the controller and then select System Settings.

Guide button on Xbox controller

[3] Click on Network Settings and choose between Wired Network or Wireless Network, depending on the one you use.

Network settings on Xbox 360

[4] Next, select the Test Xbox Live Connection option.

Tap Test Xbox Live Connection to update Xbox 360

[5] If a system software update is available, then tap Yes.

[6] The new update will be installed on the console.

[7] After installing the update, reconnect the Xbox 360 to the TV and get all the new features.

How to Update Xbox 360 from Game Disc

In some of the popular game discs like Forza, GTA Vice City, or Call of Duty, you will get the latest version of Xbox OS. This is to ensure that the gamer doesn’t face compatibility issues. When you insert the game disc and access the game, it will prompt you to update the console if it is running on the older version.

Update Xbox 360 from Game Disc

[1] Turn on Xbox 360 and insert the Game Disc.

[2] As mentioned, if the software on Game Disc is newer, then an update request will pop up.

[3] Tap Yes to update the console.

[4] While updating, your Xbox 360 console will restart.

[5] After the restart, the game will run on the latest version of Xbox 360.

How to Update from USB Flash Drive

This method will also let you update your Xbox without an internet connection. If you have any connectivity issues on your Xbox console, you can use this method to update the Xbox 360 offline.

Update Xbox 360 from USB flash drive

[1] Plugin your USB drive into your PC.

[2] Download the new version of the software from the Xbox website ( and save the .zip file on your PC.

Copy the content to root directory of USB

[3] Unzip the file and copy the contents of the file to the Root Directory of your USB drive.

[4] Now, unplug the USB drive from the computer and insert it into the USB port of the Xbox 360.

[5] Restart your Xbox console.

[6] When the console restarts, it will detect the USB drive and system update file. Tap the Yes button when confirmation is required to proceed with the update.

[7] Within minutes, your Xbox 360 console will be updated.

How to Update Xbox 360 from CD or DVD

[1] Download the update file for CD from the Xbos website ( on your PC.

[2] Extract the file and copy-paste the file onto the CD drive.

[3] Then, remove the CD from your PC.

[4] Now, insert the CD or DVD into your Xbox 360 and restart the console.

[5] While restarting, click the Yes button to confirm the software update.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I update Xbox 360 software offline?

Yes, Microsoft offers online as well as offline console updates. Offline console upload can be done via a game disc, USB drive, and online update through Xbox LIVE.

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