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How to Use Discord on PS4 [PlayStation 4]



Discord on PS4

Discord is one of the popular communication apps among gamers and it can be the best one for your PS4. Initially, it was developed with the idea of helping gamers in communication. It is a very good aid to chat with one another while playing multiplayer games. Later, with the addition of new features, it has become a social web-based communication service. Through Discord, one can chat via text, voice, and video medium. Let us check the advantages of using Discord on PS4 and the procedure to install it on your PlayStation 4.

Discord on PS4

Benefits of Discord on PS4

[1] With Discord on PS4, you can create groups, text, voice, or video chat using the PlayStation Network.

Discord on PS4

[2] It can act as a great tool of communication while playing games in a group.

[3] One can link Discord with PSN so that your PSN’s contact and friends list will merge with Discord.

[4] By joining the official channels of developers on Discord, you can get the latest updates and announcements on your PS4 directly.

[5] Apart from the gaming purpose, you can also utilize the Discord on PS4 as a general communication tool and join any communities of your interest other than gaming.

Discord Subscription

Discord is free to use. Though it has a paid version available, that does not limit any functionality in the free app. The one major differences in paid Discord service are free games, additional file storage space, avatars, and emojis.

Discord Nitro subscription costs $9.99/month, which allows access to free games in Discord’s store, extra file storage space, avatars, etc. This is the highest plan available in Discord subscription. The other plan is Discord Nitro Classic which is similar to Discord Nitro, except that you cannot get the free games. Discord Nitro Classic costs $4.99/month.

How to Get Discord on PS4

There is no direct way to get the Discord app on PS4 because the app is not available on the PS Store. You will need a few tools to set up Discord on PS4.

Sign in to Discord on PS4

[1] Open the Discord on your PC or mobile browser and Sign up to create an account.

[2] Alternatively, if you have the Discord app on your PC, Android, or iOS mobile/tablet, you can sign up from there.

[3] If you have an existing Discord account, simply Log-In instead of Signing up.

Open PS4 browser

[4] Now open the Browser on your PS4 and head to the Discord website.

[5] Log In to your Discord account from the PS4 browser.

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Set up Discord on PlayStation 4

[1] The next important step is to set up audio equipment. Connect MixAmp and PS4 through an optical cable. This helps in switching audios.

[2] Turn On MixAmp and set it to Console mode.

Connect MixAmp to PS4

[3] Finally, connect a USB cable to your PS4 and headset to the MixAmp to finish the setup on MixAmp.

[4] Next, let us make the required changes on PS4.

[5] On PS4 Settings, select Devices and choose Audio Devices.

[6] Choose USB Headset as an Input device and a TV or AV Amplifier as an Output device.

[7] Head back to Settings and choose the Sound and Screen option.

Choose Sound and Screen under Settings

[8] In the Audio Output settings, change the Primary Output to Digital Out (Optical).

[9] The following steps are to make the adjustments on your PC for Dual Audio Setup.

[10] Connect the USB of the MixAmp to your computer and shift it to PC mode.

[11] Then, plugin the MixAmp to your PC speakers.

[12] Open Discord on your PC and navigate to Settings.

Select Voice & Video option

[13] Select the Voice and Video option.

[14] Choose MixAmp as your Input Device and your PC speakers as your Output Device.

[15] Now, you can use the audio wheels on your MixAmp to adjust the audio levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Can I get Discord on PS4?

No, PS4 does not support the Discord app. However, you may still install it from the PS4 browser and set up audio connections to utilize the app. The newer versions of PS consoles are believed to support Discord as per Sony’s statement.

[2] Is Discord’s account free to create?

Yes, Discord is a free chatting app that helps you to create groups based on the community you join. It has all the essential features needed in the free version. However, if you wish to get more upgrades like free games or storage, then you may subscribe. There are two subscription plans available in Discord. One costs $4.99/month and the other $9.99/month.

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