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How to Watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch



Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Netflix is a popular streaming service loaded with a huge list of content in the on-demand library. It offers a wide range of award-winning series, movies, documentaries, anime, and other TV shows. Netflix also has its own productions named Netflix Originals, which are available only on Netflix in various regional languages. This app is available on most devices. However, Netflix is unavailable for download on Nintendo Switch. Some of the other devices that you can stream Netflix include Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Firestick, LG TV, and many more.

Netflix on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Fans are waiting to add more streaming sites on Switch. As of now, Netflix isn’t available in the switch e-shop. There is a paradigm shift in the gaming consoles with the inclusion of streaming apps. It provides a dual option for gamers to play their favorite game and stream the trending content on the same device. The popular streaming apps are being added to the gaming console store for free installation. However, other streaming applications like YouTube and Hulu are available on Nintendo Switch.

Netflix Subscription

Netflix offers only paid subscriptions without any free trial. It has three types of subscriptions, namely Basic, Standard, and Premium. These subscriptions differ in the number of streaming devices and streaming quality. You can visit the Netflix Official Site to purchase the subscription.

Subscription PlanStreaming QualityNo. of devicesMonthly Cost
PremiumUltra HD4$19.99

Is Netflix available on Nintendo Switch?

No, currently, it isn’t available to download on Nintendo Switch e-Shop. Initially, Nintendo stated that their priority was games, but even a year later, Netflix hasn’t made a way to get Netflix on the Switch console. Also, the built-in web browser in Switch doesn’t work with Netflix.

Though the two companies have worked together to get Netflix to other platforms like Wii U. They haven’t stated anything about the Netflix app on Nintendo Switch.

Streaming Apps on Switch

Nintendo Switch streaming apps

Nintendo Switch is built mainly for gaming and they have concern over games. While after a year, the video streaming service has grown tremendously. Right now, you can download YouTube from the Nintendo Switch e-Shop for free. Hulu is also available on the e-Shop with a paid subscription. Other apps like Pokemon TV, Piano, InkyPen, and Colors Live are also available on Nintendo Switch. We hope that premium streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and more will also be added soon.

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Will Netflix be available on Switch in 2022?

Neither the Netflix nor the Switch console has stated about adding the most popular streaming app like Netflix to Nintendo Switch as of now or in the future.

Can you watch Netflix on Switch Lite?

No, unfortunately, Netflix isn’t available on Switch Lite. As of now, the Netflix application is not available on Switch console e-Shop.

What are the other streaming apps on Nintendo Switch?

Streaming apps available to download on the Nintendo Switch e-Shop are YouTube, Hulu, Pokemon TV, Piano, InkyPen, Colors Live, and a few more apps.

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