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How to Watch Netflix on PS4 (PlayStation 4)



Netflix on PS4

Netflix is the most popular streaming service that features content from all over the world. It ranks in the top position in streaming services. Netflix is highly affordable compared to other streaming platforms. With less amount, the users get access to plenty of quality content. Netflix is compatible with all streaming devices and has 125 million hours of content that can be viewed each day. Streaming Netflix on PS4 gives a unique experience to the users. You can install Netflix on PS4 since it is available in the PlayStation Store.

Netflix Pricing

There are three subscription packages currently available on Netflix.

  • Basic – $8.99/ month for one device streaming
  • Standard – $13.99/ month for two device streaming
  • Premium – $17.99/ month for four device streaming

How to Download Netflix on PS4

1) Plugin and connect the PS4 device with the TV.

2) Turn on your PlayStation 4 and log in with your credentials.

3) Scroll to the left and tap the option TV & Video.

4) If the app is already installed, the Netflix app’s icon will be displayed under the section TV & Video.

click Netflix to open

5) Click the Netflix app to open on PlayStation 4.

6) If the app is not installed, Go to the Playstation store. You can also press the PS button on the controller and can directly navigate to the Playstation Store.

Go to Playstation Store

7) Click on the option Apps and select the All Apps option. You’ll see the Netflix app. You can also locate the Netflix app manually by typing the app’s name in the search bar.

Search Netflix on the search bar

8) Tap the Netflix icon and click Download to install the Netflix app on PS4.

tap download

9) After installing the app, open the Netflix app and sign in with your Netflix subscription credentials.

10) Now, you can stream your favorite Netflix movies and shows on PS4.    

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Remove Netflix from PlayStation 4

If the app shows some trouble while playing videos, Uninstall and re-install the app to work properly.

1) Navigate to the home screen and click on the option TV & Video.

2) Select the Netflix icon and tap Options on your PS4 controller.

3) Select Delete to delete Netflix on PS4 and click on the option OK to confirm.

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How to Cancel Netflix on PS4

1) Power on the PlayStation 4 console and check the internet connection.

2) Go to the home screen and select Settings.

3) Click Account Management and choose Account Information.

4) Select PlayStation Subscriptions and look for the Netflix app to select.

5) Click Turn off Auto-Renew to cancel the Netflix subscription on PS4.

How to Cast Netflix on PS4 Using Smartphone

1) The First step is to connect your mobile and PS4 to the same Wi-Fi network.

2) Open and sign in to the Netflix app on your phone.

3) Play a show or movie on Netflix and tap the cast icon displayed at the top right corner.

Click Cast to stream Netflix on PS4

4) It’ll show a list of devices. Select the PS4 device to connect.

5) The video content will start displaying on your TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Netflix available on PS4?

Yes! You can install the Netflix app from Playstation Store.

2) Why my Netflix app is not working on PS4 and how do I fix it?

This may be due to unwanted bugs and minor technical issues. You can rectify it by updating your Netflix app or restarting the PS4 device. The last option that you could try is the reset of PlayStation 4.

3) Can I Watch Netflix on PS5?

Yes! You can watch Netflix content on PS5. The installation procedure slightly varies for PS5. To know more about the Playstation console.

4) Can you share play Netflix on PS4?

Share Play on PS4 is applicable for only games and it cannot be used to access other apps. Therefore, you cannot Share play Netflix on PlayStation 4.

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