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How to Install and Watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch



YouTube on Nintendo Switch

A report says that YouTube has around 2.1 million users worldwide, which is one-fourth of the world population. This app is owned by the parent company Google. YouTube is different from other social media platforms as it helps users to earn. This app also paves the way to learn new things. We can access all the contents of YouTube at zero cost. YouTube is the best video streaming platform to watch video content from all over the world. This app is available on various gaming consoles like PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, etc. Watching the video contents of YouTube on Nintendo Switch gives the user a unique streaming experience.

YouTube Premium

All the videos on YouTube are ad-supported. In order to watch ad-free videos and to get avail of YouTube premium Music, the users need to get a paid subscription. The price of the subscription package is $11.99/month.

How to Get YouTube on Nintendo Switch

1) On your Switch’s home screen, scroll through the icons displayed at the bottom and tap the icon which is labeled as Nintendo eShop.

2) You’ll see a search bar on the top left corner of the screen. Click it.

3) Now, type YouTube on the Search panel.

Tap on the search bar

4) Select YouTube from the search results. 

Select Yotube on Nintendo eshop

5) Tap the Free Download option in the Nintendo Switch.

click the option free download to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch

6) Confirm download by selecting Free Download again.

select free download again to get YouTube on Nintendo Switch

7) Select Close.

tap close and open YouTube on Nintendo Switch

8) You can now see the YouTube app on the home screen. Navigate to it with the controller and tap A on the controller to launch the app.

Open YouTube app

9) You’ll be navigated to the sign-in page. You can either tap on the Sign-in option or tap Skip to login into YouTube without signing in.

10) Now, you can watch YouTube content on your Nintendo Switch.

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How to Use YouTube on Nintendo Switch

1) Use the Dpad on the controller to navigate and select videos on YouTube to play.

2) To search a video on YouTube, press the button X and use the controller to type your search query on the on-screen keyboard.

3) Use the Y button to add space between words and the B button to remove a character.

4) In Handheld mode, the touch feature will be enabled. You can enter the queries by tapping the letters on the search keyboard.

5) To pause a video, tap on the play/pause icon.

6) To navigate to the home screen, click on the Home icon.

7) To enable captions, select the captions icon.

8) You can also rate or subscribe or report the video by tapping the option More Actions.

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How to Enable Parental Controls on YouTube

1) Go to System Settings and select Parental Controls.

2) Tap Parental Control Settings and follow the on-screen instructions to set parental controls.

select Parental Controls on Nintendo switch

3) Select the option Restriction level. It displays three options – Teen, Pre-Teen, Child. Choose any one option from the three.

change the Restriction level

4) In addition to this, You can also restrict software, restrict communication with others, etc.

5) After setting up all the above, if you still needed an extra layer of restriction for the Kids. You can enable Restricted Mode on YouTube.

6) To enable, Launch the YouTube app.

7) Go to Settings by tapping the Gear icon.

tap settings icon on YouTube

8) Scroll down and tap the Restricted mode.

select Restricted mode on YouTube

9) Select the option On to enable Restricted mode.

Enable Restricted mode on YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we watch YouTube on Nintendo Switch?

Yes! The YouTube app is available on Nintendo Switch. You can download the app in Nintendo eShop.

2) Is the YouTube Kids app available on Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the YouTube Kids app is not available on Nintendo Switch. But you can enable certain parental control settings and can provide a safer experience for your children.

3) Is YouTube free on Nintendo Switch?

Absolutely Yes! The app is completely free and you can watch your favorite content at no cost with advertisements.

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