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How to Watch YouTube on PS4 [PlayStation 4]



YouTube on PS4

Watching YouTube on PS4 is possible, and you can download and set up the YouTube app on PS4. PS4 allows users to stream both free and paid streaming apps, which includes YouTube. One can use PlayStation for every entertainment need starting from games to movies and TV shows. Apart from YouTube, there are many popular entertainment apps available on PS4 like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, etc. Therefore, your PlayStation can act as one device with multiple benefits.

YouTube On PS4

YouTube Premium

Though YouTube is a free video streaming app, it has a premium subscription for ad-free streaming of the videos. You can also enjoy YouTube Music Premium along with this premium subscription. It costs $11.99 per month, and it also has a family premium of $17.99 per month. The family premium provides access to five members.

How to Download and Watch YouTube on PS4

[1] Log in to your PSN account and then open the PlayStation Store.

Search for YouTube on PS4

[2] Search for YouTube by typing on the search bar.

[3] Click the YouTube app from the search result.

Download YouTube on PS4

[4] Tap the Download button next to the app.

[5] Click Start to launch the YouTube app and return to the Home menu on PlayStation 4. Otherwise, open TV & Video and select YouTube from the list of downloaded apps.

Go to TV/Video

[6] After opening the app, you can sign in to YouTube. It can provide better recommendations and help to get the subscribed channels.

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Steps to Create Channel on YouTube

[1] If you don’t have an account on YouTube, you can sign up on the official website.

[2] Click the Sign In option and then enter your Google Account credential.

Create your Google account

[3] To create a Google Account, click the YouTube Website and fill in the fields with appropriate information.

[4] After Signing in, choose the Profile Picture.

[5] Select Channel, and provide the name of your channel.

[6] Click Create Channel to make your own YouTube channel.

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How to Upload Video on YouTube from PS4

[1] While playing a game on PS4, press the Share button on the controller.

[2] Select Upload Video Clip.

Select the video clip from PS4

[3] Choose the clip you wish to share, and then select YouTube.

[4] Add in all the details for your video clip like Title, description, tags, etc. Also, trim the clip as per your preference.

Choose YouTube to upload the clip from PS4

[5] Choose the Channel where the clip is to be shared and click Share.

[6] Check the status of the upload from the PlayStation 4 notification page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Is there a YouTube TV app for PS4?

Yes, use the same steps as that of YouTube to download and launch the YouTube TV app on PlayStation. YouTube TV is a paid service, and it is not the same as the YouTube app.

[2] How do I cast my phone to my PS4?

Download the PlayStation app on your phone (Android or iOS) and sign in to your account. On your console go to Settings->PlayStation App Connection Settings->Add Device. Next, verify the code on the console with your PS app and then connect to the PS4.

[3] What to do when YouTube is not working on PS4?

You can turn off the PS4 and restart the PS4 device. Try to uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app. The last option could be the reset of the PS4.

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