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How to Watch MLB TV on Xbox 360



MLB TV on Xbox 360

One of the great ways to stream Baseball on your Xbox 360 console would be MLB TV. It is also referred to as Major League Baseball TV. As the name stands, MLB TV is the hub for streaming major Baseball leagues. Moreover, it features an expanded library of on-demand content like classic programs, documentaries, and more. You can stream it through subscription plans with premium features, covering live MLB games from Opening Day to the World Series.

  • Yearly billed at $19.99
  • Monthly billed at $2.99

How to Download MLB TV on Xbox 360

1. Start your Xbox console and go to the home screen.

Xbox 360 home screen

2. Use an analog controller to open the Apps tab on the horizontal menu bar.

3. Open the App Store and search for MLB TV.

Highlight and open the search app bar

4. Click the MLB TV app from search apps results.

App search screen highlight and open MLB TV app

5. Highlight the Download button using the analog stick or directional key on your Xbox 360 controller. Press the button on Xbox 360 controller to start the download.

App detail screen, press Download

6. Once installed, log in using your MLB.TV credentials.

7. Scroll to the TV tab on the horizontal menu from the home screen.

Go to TV section in horizontal menu to view the downloaded app

8. Select MLB.TV under the TV menu on your Xbox 360 console.

In TV section, find the MLB TV app.

9. Enjoy using the app on your Xbox console. You can also stream MLB TV on PS4 [PlayStation 4].

Alternate Method to Stream MLB TV on Xbox 360

You can screen mirror the MLB TV app on the Xbox 360 from your smartphone using the screen mirroring app.

Check SmartGlass App on Xbox 360

1. Go to Home Screen, and expand the Settings tab, using the directional keys .

Select System under Settings

2. Navigate using keys and highlight the System option and open it using the button on the controller.

Select Console Settings from the system settings page

3. Select the Console Settings option.

4. Choose the Connect Devices on the vertical menu on your Xbox 360 controller to open the Devices menu.

5. Make sure that the following options: Xbox SmartGlass Apps and Play To are checked or toggled on.

Installing SmartGlass App on Android

1. Now, open Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone.

2. Browse for Xbox Smartglass in the search bar.

Xbox Smartglass app

3. On the results, look for the app titled Xbox Smartglass.

4. Open the app details screen and click Install to install the app on your Android smartphone.

5. Make sure the Xbox 360 and your Android Smartphone are connected to the same WiFi router.

6. Open the Xbox Smartglass app, and it will automatically connect to your Xbox 360, but to stream media following the steps in the next section.

How to Stream MLB on Xbox 360

1. Now, on your Android Smartphone apps list, open the MLB TV app.

2. Open any highlights or games in the MLB TV app.

3. At any point, if you wish to see MLB TV on your Xbox 360, hit the Share button and select Xbox 360.

4. Enjoy watching games from MLB TV on your console.

Stream MLB TV on Xbox 360

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MLB TV free to download on Xbox 360?

Yes. MLB TV app is free to download on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. But to watch the live shows, you would need a subscription to any premium plan with MLB.

What features does the MLB TV app offer?

MLB TV features unique features, including on-demand video content, All-Stars and Postseason, audio skill compatibility, live game DVR controls, full game archives, audio overlay, Spanish audio sync, pitch-by-pitch tracking, clickable linescores & catch-up feature.

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