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How to Set Parental Controls on Xbox One



Parental Control on Xbox One

Xbox One parental controls allow you to restrict what your child does with the Xbox One console. You can monitor how much time the child spends, what apps they are using, and purchases control. Parents are also notified if the child has requested to purchase a game or app. It also notifies parents to extend the time if he wishes to continue to play the game or use the app. The Parental Controls for Xbox One can be added to every child separately based on their age group.

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Xbox One Parental Control Features

Set device screen time limits online

Sign in to the Xbox Family Settings app or to your Microsoft Account via any web browser and schedule when a particular app is allowed to the child. The game or app can also display how much time is remaining and also lets the child extend the timing by sending the parent a request. The parent is notified on all devices which are logged into Microsoft Account and can instantly approve the request with a couple of button taps.

Payment Controls

You can allow the child to purchase with the credit card or payment method linked to your account. They can disable it completely. You can set it to ask parents, to allow parents to review, and approve or disapprove a purchase.

Chat Controls

Restrict child chatting with strangers.

Restrict Content based on ESRB rating

You can also restrict content based on its ESRB rating, depending on the age group your child belongs to

ESRB Rating Symbols

esrb rating early childhood parental control xbox oneEARLY CHILDHOOD

Content suitable for kids from age 3 and older.
Parental Control Xbox One ESRB Rating MatureMATURE

Recommended for ages 17 and older.
ESRB Rating Everyone Parental Control Xbox OneEVERYONE
Suited for age 6 and older
Parental Control Xbox One ESRB Rating PendingRATING PENDING

Titles are yet to be approved.
Parental Control Xbox One ESRB Rating Everyone 10+EVERYONE 10+

Titles that are rated for ages 10 and older.
Parental Control Xbox One ESRB Rating AdultADULTS ONLY
Rated for Adults only (18+)
Parental Control Xbox One ESRB Rating TeenTEEN

For 13 and older people.

Most video games are required to have an ESRB rating.

How to Set Parental Controls on Xbox One

Make sure that the child has a Microsoft or Xbox Account, and it is signed in to the console.

[1] Start the Xbox One and log in to the Xbox One console using the Microsoft account credentials.

When guide button on Xbox controller is tapped, the Dashboard on Xbox One opens.

[2] Tap the Xbox button on the controller to open the Guide.

[3] Scroll towards the right and select Settings ⚙.

Setting highlighted on Xbox One guide screen.

[4] On the Account Settings screen, highlight Family Settings and press the ???? button on the Xbox controller.

Xbox One Settings screen with Family Settings being highlighted.

[5] Choose the Add a Child option at the bottom of the left side menu.

Add a child option highlighted after Family Settings chosen on Xbox One console.

[6] If you have selected your child’s account, press ???? on the Xbox controller again.

This screen on Xbox One shows child account being selected.

[7] When prompted, highlight Add to Family option and press the ???? button on the Xbox controller.

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Alternative Method to Set Parental Controls

[1] Launch any browser on the PC and visit the Microsoft Family URL in the browser address bar.

Xbox One Parental Control visit Microsoft Family URL

[2] Scroll to the Child account you wish to restrict or set controls in your family list.

Locate the username associated with your child

[3] Click on App and game limits to open the settings screen below the child account on the horizontal menu.

Click on 'App and game limits'

[4] The screen also shows the installed apps on these devices. Now, locate and select the app that you want to restrict the usage.

The screen shows all devices and apps owned by user (child)

[5] Drag the toggle button to set the time restrictions for usage.

Press toggle button to enable time restriction to the app

[6] Adjust the timing scroll bar to define the duration allowed and specify the schedule of restriction.

Xbox One Time Restrictions

[7] Once you have set time restrictions to the app, or device, click Save to save all the changes made.

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How to Disable Parental Control on Xbox One?

If you are a parent, you can log in to Microsoft Family Account, and under the users associated, set restrictions to none.

Can I restrict apps and content by their rating?

It is possible. Go to “Apps, games & media” and turn on “Block inappropriate apps, games & media“.
Under “Allow apps and games rated for,” select the age limit you’d like to apply to your kid.
The apps which aren’t suitable for the user age group won’t appear in search results.
Even if the user attempts to download from the webpage, the action would be blocked by the website.

Can I restrict a User(Child) from not accessing Xbox One?

Yes, you can restrict the child’s access to Xbox One with a time restriction, but remove the hours from all the days. In that way, the user(child) can never be able to gain access to the Xbox One console without your knowledge.

Can I restrict to whom my child chats with?

You can set up various levels of restrictions like completely blocking chat features, allowing friends to chat, and allowing everyone to chat.

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