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How to Fix When PS3 Controller Won’t Connect



PS3 Controller Won't Connect

Your PS3 console has two types of controllers one is the Dualshock 3 and the other one is Sixaxis(older model). You can connect both the controllers to the console using the USB cable and wirelessly. Sometimes you can’t connect the PS3 controller to your PS3 console. There are many reasons why your PS3 controller is not connecting to PlayStation 3. So in this guide, we are going to list the fixes, which you can try if your PS3 controller won’t connect to your PlayStation 3 console.

How to Fix PS3 Controller Won’t Connect

Try the Basic Troubleshooting Methods

1. If you are using the wireless controller make sure your controller’s battery is charged fully, and make sure it is placed near the PS3 console(within 30 feet)

2. Keep in mind that while you are trying to connect the controller more than six Bluetooth peripherals shouldn’t be connected to your device.

3. If your PlayStation 3 controller is not connecting, you can turn off your PlayStation 3 console and turn it on and again connect the controller to check if it is connecting.

4. Connect your PS3 controller to another PS3 console to find whether the problem is with your controller or console. You can also try connecting the different PS3 controllers to your PS3.

PS3 Controller Won't Connect

5. Check whether the USB cable you use to connect your PS3 controller to your console works. And unplug the USB devices when you try to connect your controller.

Take Out the Battery of your PS3 Controller

If none of the fixes helped you to troubleshoot the problem take out the battery from your PS3 controller.

Steps to Take out the Battery

1. Initially, remove the back cover of your controller using the eyeglass repair kit.

2. After removing the back cover you can see the single small watch battery and it is located upper left side of the motherboard.

 remove the back cover of the PS3 Controller

3. Take out the battery carefully and keep it out for a few seconds and insert the battery again on the controller.

4. If the problem is not fixed still, remove the old battery and insert the new one.

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Reset the PS3 Controller

1. First, shut down your PS3 console and connect the PS3 controller to the USB port on your PlayStation 3 console.

2. Once you plugged in the controller turn on your PS3 console by pressing the power button on your console.

3. You can see a small hole at the back of the controller near the L2 shoulder button.

4. Take a paper clip and insert it into the hole and push down the reset button.

 press the reset button to reset the PS3 Controller

5. Finally, press the PS button on your PS3 controller to connect it with your console.

Clean the Motherboard

If you have tried all the above fixes and you couldn’t connect the PS3 controller to your console the problem may be with the motherboard or internal hardware. So clean the motherboard using compressed air.

 remove the back cover when PS3 Controller Won't Connect

These are the troubleshoots you can try if you couldn’t connect the PS3 controller to your console. You can also contact the manufacturer to get additional support. Using this guide, fix the issue and have a nice gaming experience with your PS3 controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to connect the PS3 controller to the PC?

You need a mini-USB cable and a few files like ScpToolkit, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, Microsoft Visual C++2010 Redistributable package, Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package, and Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. If you are using Windows 7 on your PC you need an Xbox controller driver too.

Can I play the PS4 games with a PS3 controller?

No, you can’t play the PS4 games with a PS3 controller. Instead, you can use it on your PS2 console with an adapter.

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