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How to Customize Control Center on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



PS5 Control Center

PlayStation 5 is a trending video game console that many game lovers prefer to play. The PS5 control center helps you to access the different features while you are playing games on your PlayStation 5. It contains a list of cards and control icons with that you can easily get things done without interrupting your gameplay. You can access the PlayStation 5 control center with the DualSense PS5 wireless controller. If you are a PS5 gamer and want to customize the PS5 control center, you can easily make changes in the Control center instantly.

Cards on PS5 Control Center

Cards on the control center will help you to take action to the specific game. There are three types of cards, Activity cards, Media cards, and Voice chat and broadcast cards.

cards on the PS5 control center

1. Activity Card

You can check the status of your trophy and see the available changes with the activity card. And you can also perform the action for a specific game with its activity card.

2. Media Card

You can control the music that is playing on the control center with this card.

3. Voice Chat and Broadcast Cards

Voice chat and broadcast cards are used to mute and unmute the mic and camera when you voice chat with your friends. It also helps you to manage the ongoing voice chat or broadcast.

PS5 Control Center Controls

1. Home

The home icon displays the home screen of your PlayStation 5. The games you are playing will pause while you display the home screen. If you want to get back to the game, you can select it from the home screen.

2. Switcher

Switcher helps you switch to apps and games that you recently started on your PS5.

3. Notifications

In the notifications section, you can see the notifications for the PlayStation 5 that you have received.

4. Game Base

By using the game base, you can see your friends list and select your friends to communicate with using voice chat.

Game base on PS5 control center

5. Music

You can listen to music when you are playing games.

6. Sound

You can manage the sound settings with sound control. But if you want to adjust the 3D audio, you can go to Settings and select Sound. Then, tap the audio out option to adjust the Settings.

7. Mic

Mic helps you to change the input device. You can mute and unmute the Mic whenever you want.

8. Accessories

You can check your controller and headset battery level and you can also change their settings.

accessories on PS5

9. Profile

The profile control helps you to update your online status and view your trophies. If you want to switch the user, you can do that.

10 . Power

Power control is used to turn off your PS5 console and put your console in rest mode.

How to customize Control Center on PS5

1. Launch the PlayStation 5 console and press the PS button on the PS5 Controller to display the control center.

press the PS button to launch the  PS5 control center

2. Then, you can find the list of icons with different options. Select the icon you want to customize and click the options button on your controller.

3. Now, move the icon where you want to place it and click the X button on your controller to place it.

press the X button on the controller

4. If you want to hide an icon, move it to the Hidden controls area on the screen. Remember, you can’t hide all the icons in the control center.

5. Once you set everything, click the options button to return to the original screen.

6. If you want to unhide the icon select the icon from the hidden area and move the icon to the displayed content area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the control center on PS5?

You can find the control center on the PS5 dashboard. The Contro Center has the necessary option for gameplay.

Can PS5 Controller work on PS4?

No, You can use the PS5 Controller to play the games on the PlayStation 4 console. It is due to the difference in the pairing mode.

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