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How to Set up Parental Controls on PS5 [PlayStation 5]



PS5 Parental Controls

Nowadays, children have become well-versed with Smartphones and other smart devices. Parent has the responsibility to monitor how their child is using smart devices. It is impossible to be with them all time when they are online and playing games. You can fix the parental controls for the devices and apps they use so that they can access apps and features that you have approved. The PS5 also has Parental controls and you can set them on your PlayStation 5 console using Family Management Settings.

When it comes to PS5, only the family manager can set the parental control. To be a family manager, you must have an adult account and you need to create a child account to become a family manager. Only the family manager can access the parental controls or appoint any other adult account as a guardian.

What can Family Managers Do

The family manager can manage the Playtime, purchases from the family manager wallet, and manage access to the games, videos, and applications. They can also disable text, video, and voice chat messages and block user-generated video, streams, and pictures.

How to Create Child Account on PS5

1. Power on the PlayStation 5 and sign in with your PlayStation 5 account.

sign in to set PS5 parental controls

2. Then, navigate to Account Management.

3. Select Family Management and click the Add Family Member button.

Press Add family member to add child account

4. Tap Add a Child and click the Next button.

5. The user agreement will appear on the screen. Click the I agree and Confirm button and choose the parental controls.

click the confirm button to create a child account

6. Enter the Child Account Details to add under the Family Management.

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How to Set Parental Controls on PlayStation 5

There are two ways to set the parental controls on PlayStation 5. One is through the web browse, next is through your PlayStation 5 console.

Set Parental Controls Through Web browser

1. Visit the official site of PlayStation 5 through a web browser.

2. Click the sign button and enter your login credentials to sign in.

3. Select Account Manangement.

4. Then, go to Family Management in Account Management.

5. Now, you can select the child account to which you want to apply the restrictions.

6. Finally, select the features that your child can access and unselect the features that you need to restrict for your child’s account.

PS5 parental controls

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Set Parental Control Through PS5 Console

1. Turn on your PS5 by pressing the power button on your PS5 console.

PS5 parental controls
PS5 parental controls

2. Navigate to the dashboard on your PlayStation 5.

3. Next, click the Settings icon.

4. Select Family and Parental controls from the settings menu.

PS5 parental controls

5. Then, click Family Management.

6. Tap Parental Controls from the family management menu.

7. Select the child account you want to restrict.

8. Choose the features you need to restrict for the child account. For example, you can reset the password for the child’s account and set the playtime, and more.

9. Change the Playtime Settings to restrict the time of usage of PS5 and click the Save button.

PS5 parental controls

10. Fix the Monthly spending limit for the child account and click the Confirm button.

PS5 parental controls

It is good to make sure what your child is watching and playing online. Parental Controls help in many ways to ensure safe internet usage and gaming. In case of any queries with the above procedure, then please specify them in the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PS5 have parental controls?

Yes, the PS5 has parental control, which helps the parents to fix some limitation while the child play games on PS5.

How to become a family manager?

To become a family manager, you should have a PS account, and you need to create a child account.

How to make an exception for the game on the PS5 console?

When your child starts the restricted game, it will be blocked and a screen will appear on PS5. Your child has to send the request to make the exception. Now the family manager will receive an email with the request. The family manager has to open the email and accept the request to make an exception for the game.

How to turn off Parental Controls on PS4?

You can go to the Settings on the PlayStation 4 and select Family Management. Click PS4 System Restrictions and provide the Passcode to unlock it. Choose the Parental Control to turn it off.

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