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How to Start PS5 [PlayStation 5] in Safe mode



PS5 Safe Mode

If you are facing some constant issue on your PS5, then starting the PS5 on the safe mode will help you fix it. The main purpose of safe mode is to resolve issues and solve issues by rebuilding the console storage database, changing the resolution, or hard resetting the console to its factory settings. Safe mode is nothing but which will let you start your PS5 with its most basic functions. When you start your PS5 in safe mode you will a list of options, which will be discussed in the article. Also one can update system software using safe mode on PS5. Initially, we will begin the process to start your PS5 in safe mode.

PS5 safe mode

How to Start PS5 in Safe Mode

[1] Press and hold the Power button on your PS5 for three seconds. As a result, your PS5 will turn off. The power indicator will blink for a few seconds before turning off.

turn off PS5 and restart into safe mode

[2] Now again press and hold the Power button for 7 seconds until you hear two beep sounds. You will hear the first beep sound when you press the power button initially. And the second beep comes after seven seconds.

[3] After that, connect your controller with the USB cable.

Press the PS button

[4] Finally press the PS button on the controller and your console will be in safe mode.

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PS5 Safe Mode Options

Note: Before using safe mode options, make sure to back up data to a USB drive or to the cloud storage. Because some options may end up in loss of data.

PS5 safe mode options

There are seven safe mode options and their uses are as follows.

[1] Restart PS5: This option is to end the safe mode on PS5. When you click this option, PS5 will restart to normal mode.

[2] Change Video Output: If you are facing a blank screen issue on PS5, then choosing this option will help resolve it. It helps to change resolution and to change to HDCP mode.

[3] Update System Software: This option is to update the PS5 system software. You can either download the system software directly or use a USB drive.

[4] Restore Default Settings: To restore PS5 to default factory settings, you need to use this option.
It will not delete data from your console storage such as games, apps, saved data, etc.

[5] Clear Cache and Rebuild Database: Use the Clear System Software Cache option when your PS5 is going through performance-based issues. The rebuild Database option will scan the drive and create a new database on your PS5. One can use the Rebuild Database option when any of the system features is inaccessible or when the game icon remains on your PS5 Home screen even after deleting it.

[6] Reset PS5: Reset PS5 option will delete all the user data. This option is to restore your PS5 to its original state. Back up of data is required while using this option.

[7] Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software): You can use this only when all the user data needs to be deleted. It will even remove your PS5 system software.

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How to Update System Software in Safe Mode

[1] To update PS5 manually, you will need a PC or Mac.

[2] Plugin the USB drive into your PC/Mac.

[3] Create a folder named PS5 on the USB drive formatted as FAT32.

[4] Next, create another folder named UPDATE, inside the PS5 folder.

[5] Download the PS5 update file as PS5UPDATE.PUP and save it in the UPDATE folder.

[6] Now remove the USB drive from the PC/Mac and plug it into your PS5 console.

[7] Start the console in Safe Mode using the steps discussed above.

[8] From the safe mode option, choose option 3: Update System Software.

PS5 system software update

[9] Select Update from the USB Storage Device option.

[10] Finally, tap OK and the system software update will take place in safe mode.

Turning on your PS5 in safe mode will help you resolve most of the common issues on it. Which is the main reason behind safe mode. If the safe mode cannot help you fix the error, then you must try seeking PlayStation support. In any case of not being able to start PS5 in safe mode, then you must attempt a power cycle. To perform a power cycle, all you need to do is, turn off your console completely, and remove the power cable. Let your PlayStation rest for 20 minutes and after which you can start your console in safe mode.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off PS5 safe mode?

To turn off the Safe mode in PS5, you need to select Restart PS5, which is the first option in Safe Mode. As a result, your console will turn off and restart in the normal mode. Alternatively, you can also press the power button to turn off the console and then turn it on again.

Why won’t my PS5 go into safe mode?

The problem may arise from the USB cable or HDMI port that you use to connect your controller to the console. Try using a different HDMI port or use another USB cable to enter into safe mode. If none of this is a problem, then you can attempt Power recycling. The next solution is to seek official support.

How to fix the PS5 stuck on the black screen?

This issue is the result of PS5 output resolution being higher than that of what the TV is capable of handling. In order to solve this, you need to lower the PS5 output resolution. Start your PS5 in safe mode and then select Change video output. Here you can lower the output resolution.

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