Nowadays we have many accounts on social media and gaming websites. Each account has its username and password and It is not always possible for us to remember the passwords. Here we are going to list the methods that you can use to change and reset PS4 passwords with and without your sign-in id. You also add a two-step authentication factor, to protect your PS4 from attacks and breaches.

Note: If you are a child account user remember only the family account manager can reset the password for a child account. The family manager can open the Account Management page in a web browser and reset the password from the Family Management Page.

How to Reset PS4 Password with Email

1. First, go to the Settings option with the use of Your PS4 controller.

2. Select Account management and click the Sign Out option.

account management to reset PS4 password

3. Tap Sign in and press the Triangle button when you see the sign-in screen.

4. Type your login credentials and click the Next button.

5. PlayStation will send you an email with the link to reset your password to the email address that you used to sign in.

6. Finally, click the link and it will take you to the password web page where you can set your new password.

How to Reset PlayStation 4 Password using a Web Browser

1. Open a browser on your computer and go to Sony’s Account Management page.

Sony's Account Management page to reset PS4 password

2. Click the Trouble signing in? and select the Reset your password option.

3. Type the email address that you used to sign in.

4. Then, you will receive an email with the link to reset your password.

5. Click the link and change your account’s password.

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Can you reset the PS4 password without email?

You can’t reset your PS4 password without an email address. Anyways if you have no other choice to recover your account then you have to contact the live agent. Then you can follow the instructions given by the agent and reset your password.

Steps to Reset your Password without Email

1. First, open the Playstation website then scroll down to the bottom of the page.

2. Select the Country/ Region option and select your country name.

3. Click the Support link that will take you to the PlayStation Support page.

4. Scroll down until you see the Online Assistant section.

5. Tap the Recover Account button under the Online Assistant option.

select online assistant to click recover account

6. After you click the Recover Account button you will be taken to the PlayStation Support Bot.

7. Click I’m ready to proceed with the process to reset your password.

8. Next, the Bot will ask to give your Online Id and email address.

9. You don’t want to give your Online Id and email address just select Let’s continue to proceed with the next step.

PlayStation support  Bot to chat with live agent to reset PS4 password

10. Now, the Bot will ask you the final question, whether you have the access to the email address that is associated with your PlayStation account.

11. Select “No, I don’t have access” since you don’t have access to your email address.

12. Next, the bot will say that you need to get in touch with the live agent and will give you a Support ID. then select “Ok, I Understand”.

select ok I understand to continue with the process

13. The bot will tell you a couple of ways to connect with the Live agent. You can either chat with the live agent or you can get on a call with the live agent.

14. Select Connect me to chat because this is the fastest way to reset your password.

The Final Step -How Can We Help?

How can we help page to reset PS4 paassword

15. After you click the connect me to chat button you will be taken to the How can we help? the page where you can leave a request to chat with the live agent.

16. Type your details and start chatting with the live agent saying your issue about resetting your account password.

17. Now, the live agent will give you instructions on how to reset your account password on PSN/PS4/PS5.

18. Follow the instructions and get back access to your PS4 account.

19. If you don’t see the chat or call option then PlayStation Support is currently not available. You can try again later.

Note: Chat Hours- Monday to Sunday, 8.00 AM-7.00 PM PT.

Phone Hours- Monday to Sunday, 8.00 AM-7.00 PM PT.

How to Change your PlayStation 4 Network Password

1. First, go to the Settings by using your PS4 controller.

2. Select Account Management from the settings menu.

Settings menu to select account management to reset PS4 password

3. Click Account Information from the Account Management option.

4. Tap the Security option where you may be asked to give your current password.

select security from account information menu

5. Then select Password to change your password.

6. Type your new password and confirm it by typing your password again.

Always try to note your important account’s password in a diary or save it in a drive. So that you easily get access to your accounts even if you forget the account’s password. And don’t lose the email address that you used to sign in. Because it is very difficult to recover your account if you don’t have your email address.

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How to reset a child’s account password on PS4?

The family manager can reset a child’s account password. The family manager can go to Settings> click on Family Management> click on Reset Password to reset the child’s account password.

How to reset the PS4 wallet password?

You can’t reset your PS4 wallet password for the reason that your encrypted password is not stored in BitPay. If you want to get back access to your wallet again, you need to restore your wallet or clear your encrypted password with the use of a 12-word recovery phrase. Don’t delete your wallet if you don’t know the 12-word recovery phrase because you will never get back access to your wallet without it.

Can you reset the PS4 with the phone?

It is possible to reset the PS4 password on phone. Open Settings>select Users and Accounts>click on Account>Security> click on Password to reset your PS4 password.

Is it possible to factory reset the PS4 without a password?

Yes. You can reset your PS4 to a factory setting without a password.

Can I reset the password without a Date of Birth?

Yes. You can verify your identity using 3 different choices. To do that, enter the Verify your Identity page and select Mobile Phone/ Security Question/ Date of Birth to verify your account.

How do I reset the system restriction passcode on PS4?

You can change it from the PS4 system Restrictions menu. Using the X button, click on Change System Restriction Passcode. Now, enter your current passcode and then, the new passcode. Re-enter the new passcode for verification.