Sling TV on Xbox One makes it easy to switch from gaming to watching TV, a great convenience, especially if you belong to the gaming tribe, hooked onto your Xbox console. Sling TV is a live streaming service that offers hundreds of TV channels and a streaming library of on-demand content. With parental controls, you can restrict content, based on their ratings.

Sling TV also offers channels like BBC World News, CNBC, CNN, Lifetime, CMT, Cooking Channel, ESPN, Comedy Central, and more.

Sling TV Plans

  • Available after account activation, and limited to one free trial for 3 days, per customer.
  • Email and credit card information are mandatory. However, you won’t be charged until your 3 days trial ends.
  • After 3 days from the account activation date, you will be charged for the base plan.
  • If you cancel, before the trial period ends, you cannot access it again and need to subscribe when you login next time into your Sling TV account.
  • Furthermore, it also offers Add-on packages and premium channels.
$10 for 1st month$10 for 1st month$20 for 1st month
$35 after 1st month$35 after 1st month$50 after 1st month
32 Channels43 Channels51 Channels
50 Hours
DVR Storage
50 Hours
DVR Storage
50 Hours
DVR Storage
1 Device3 DevicesOrange Channels – 1 Device
Blue Channels – 3 Devices


  • Start your Xbox One console
  • Enable Internet connection on Xbox One console
  • Active Sling TV account with free trial or subscription active.

How to Install Sling TV on Xbox One

Quick Guide: On Xbox One main menu > select Apps under Categories > search for Sling TV > tap Get it Free to install.

1. Switch on your Xbox One console and wait for the home screen to show up.

2. Navigate to the Store, using D-Pad directional keys ← → or by tilting the analog stick (left) ????, left or right.

3. Use D-Pad direction keys ↑ ↓, or tilt the analog stick (left) ????, up and down, scroll to Apps under Categories, and select using key (Select button) on the Xbox One controller.

enter xbox one main menu

4. Scroll to Search Apps and hit the Select button on the controller to select it.

Navigate to Apps tab

5. Type Sling TV in the search field and browse for it. Once the results load, use the D-Pad directional keys to scroll and select the fubo TV app.

6. Start the installation by scrolling to the Get it FREE button. If prompted, select Confirm in the prompt.

Install sling app xbox one

7. Navigate to Apps under Categories and open the Sling TV app on the Xbox One. A Sign In screen would appear to you as soon as the app loads. Enter your Sling TV account credentials and sign in to the app.

On xbox one open sling tv app

You are now ready to do some hardcore gaming, at the same time watch live TV streaming with Sling TV on Xbox One.

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Our Opinion

Sling TV is also the best alternative, in terms of cost and channels to watch.

If you need TV just for a couple of hours each day, then Sling TV would easily serve your purpose.

Try Sling TV soon and turn your Xbox into a TV streaming box. However, there is not much upfront cost associated.

You can easily make up your mind with the 3-day free trial, although the 1st-month cost also is waived off from regular $35 to $10. Sling TV gives you a lot more time to try and test its services, also you can get rid of it easily.

You don’t sign an agreement for lock-in or contracts, thus easy to call it quits anytime at the end of the current subscription period.

Sling TV can be used not only on your Xbox One but also with many other devices.

If your Sling TV is not working, you can contact Sling TV customer care support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to stream Sling TV apart from the United States?

Yes, you can. But you would need a proper VPN service. By changing your VPN server location to the US, you will be able to watch content streamed across the US, in multiple cities. You can use NordVPN on Xbox One, which is ranked as # 1 by experts for gaming consoles.

Can I record shows on Xbox One?

Yes. With a Sling TV subscription, you get 50 Hours of Cloud Storage. With just a single button press you can record your shows as you see.

Is Sling TV just a streaming TV or offers on-demand content too?

Answer: Sling TV is best known for its streaming TV service. But, however, it offers on-demand content too for select popular TV shows and series.

Does Sling TV allow us to customize our plan with pay-per-view content?

Yes. Sling TV has many add-ons based on user interest. Sling TV also lets you add individual channels for as low as $5 per channel per month.